Savory and Delicious! 5 Recipes for Garang Asem Chicken Without Coconut Milk that are Suitable as an Iftar Menu!


Having a savory taste, chicken salt and sour cream without coconut milk is one of the menus that is suitable to be used as a Ramadan iftar menu. But the question is, how to make and recipe for this fierce sour chicken without coconut milk?

For this reason, the News Reference has summarized several ways and recipes for ferocious sour chicken without coconut milk which has a savory and delicious taste and is certainly very simple to make. So take a look at the following review.

How to make and this recipe for Garang Asem Chicken without coconut milk?

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No need to linger anymore, here’s how to make dan recipe fierce sour chicken without coconut milk which is very simple to make and suitable as an iftar menu.

The materials needed are:

  • 1 chicken, cut into several parts
  • 6 pieces of cabbage leaves, then cut into small pieces
  • Crushed lemon grass
  • Thinly sliced ​​​​turmeric
  • 2 teaspoons of tamarind that has been mixed with enough water

The spices are as follows:

  • Red chili to taste
  • Coriander, cumin, candlenut, which have been roasted
  • Terasi cooked enough
  • Shallots of red onion
  • Garlic 3 cloves
  • Salt and sugar to taste

How to make chicken tamarind without coconut milk:

  1. Saute ground spices, lemon grass, and turmeric until fragrant with enough oil
  2. Bring about 1,500 ml of water to a boil.
  3. Enter the chicken, the spices that have been sauteed earlier, then add the salt and sugar.
  4. Cook over low heat until the chicken is really soft, and the gravy is delicious.
  5. Toss with cabbage leaves, then remove when it starts to wilt. Tara fierce chicken without coconut milk is ready to be served.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s how to make and recipe for fierce and delicious chicken tamarind without coconut milk. It’s very suitable for the Ramadan iftar menu, isn’t it, let’s just make it yourself at home.

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