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Simple and Elegant! 4 Models of High Heels for a Very Modern Kebaya

Currently wearing kebaya clothes has become commonplace for women, especially attending special events such as graduations and others. Therefore, we will provide some recommendations regarding high heels models for simple but still elegant kebayas.

Even though the kebaya that we have in mind is a classic and not very popular outfit, if we improvise with a modern style, then it can support the appearance to make it more contemporary.

Maybe for friends who are still curious about what are the recommendations for high heels models for kebaya that are suitable for use in certain activities or events, then take a look at the discussion in the following article, OK!

Recommendations for High Heels Models for Simple and Elegant Kebayas!

high heels model for kebaya

As one of the traditional clothing that has a deep philosophical meaning, it seems that to combine these clothes, special tips are needed so as not to deviate too far from the traditional impression.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the selection of shoes or footwear. Here are some recommendations for high heels models for kebayas that have appearance elegant but still simple if used on certain occasions.

1. Slipper Model

These shoes have a slightly classic look and color, so they are perfect when paired with a kebaya. Usually have colors that are in harmony and also neutral, have rights that are not too high, making the appearance even more elegant.

This high heels model for kebaya is very suitable to support the appearance, especially considering the comfort factor.

2. Slingback

If you want to look even more classic, shoes model This slingback is very suitable when worn together with a kebaya. Has a fairly luxurious motif, so it can blend with the harmony of the color of the clothes.

However, make sure to also have a motif and color that matches the kebaya, because if you choose the wrong one, it will ruin your own appearance.

3. Pointed Shoes

When you want to wear high heels and don’t want to be tired, this high heels model for pointed kebaya is very suitable to wear. Because of its slim shape with heels that are too high, making it comfortable to wear in the long run.

By using this shoe model, it will be able to display a formal impression when worn on certain occasions.

4. Flat Shoes

Having a flat appearance, this high heels model for kebaya is perfect if you are a simple woman but can still look elegant.

Because they are identical to cute shapes and ornaments, this type of flat shoe can be your recommendation if you want to wear a kebaya.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s some recommendation high heels model for a simple but still elegant kebaya, how about if there is one that is suitable for you to try.

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