Simple and Not Redundant! Here are 5 Natural Makeup Tutorials that are Suitable for Teenagers


In order to support the appearance, make up is one of the things that must be done, especially for women. For this reason, we will provide some natural makeup tutorials that are suitable for teenagers.

Of course, the tutorial tips that we will provide are very simple and do not give the impression of being tacky and excessive when applied to teenagers’ faces. How, are you guys still curious? Let’s see the full review in the following article, OK!

What are Natural Makeup Tutorial Tips that are Suitable for Teenagers?

natural make up tutorial

If you don’t want to be seen as menor and tacky, it would be nice to use the natural makeup tutorial that we will provide below. Of course, to apply it really simple and can be done at home.

In addition, there is no need to use complicated and expensive make-up tools, just an easy way, you can have a light but still elegant appearance. What are the natural makeup tutorials that are suitable for these teenagers?

1. Clean Your Face First

The first and mandatory step to do is to clean the face first, either by using facial foam or just clean water. Because if you don’t, then the make-up that you are going to do will not stick perfectly.

In addition, cleaning the face first can also nourish the skin, just wipe the entire face, to keep it clean and not cause stubborn acne.

2. Use the Right Moisturizer

Don’t forget to also use a moisturizer so that the moisture of your teenager’s skin is maintained, if your skin type is oily, then use the right type so as not to damage the skin’s moisture.

In addition to being tasked with moisturizing the skin, a moisturizer can also nourish the face so that it avoids irritation.

3. Apply Sunblock

After applying with a suitable moisturizer, the next step is to apply sunblock. This really needs to be done, because our country is part of a country with a tropical climate.

If you don’t want to be exposed to the bad effects of UV rays, then don’t forget use sunblock or sunscreen to be able to do outdoor activities every day.

4. Use a light make-up base

Base make-up greatly affects the appearance of the face, to make it look more natural. Use it lightly or not seem heavy, so as not to create a tacky impression.

Just use a light BB cream or CC cream, and always adjust it to your skin tone.

5. Apply as natural as possible

The last step is to apply all the makeup tools you have naturally and not excessively. You don’t need to buy expensive makeup tools to make your appearance as natural as possible.

You only have the make-up tools you have and you have to apply them to your face as natural as possible.

Conclusion and Closing

Well, those are some natural makeup tutorials that are suitable for use by teenagers. As long as it doesn’t look tacky and excessive, it will be very suitable for walking, hanging out, or hanging out with friends.

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So first, our discussion regarding natural makeup tutorials for teenagers with a simple and easy way of application. Thank you for reading our article, and we apologize profusely if there are errors in writing.

See you later!

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