Small Capital Side Business Opportunity Big Profit


Are you looking for a business opportunity that can make money? if so, you can continue reading this article to the end, because I will give some recommendations for side business opportunities.

Actually opportunity business There are so many things that can be done part-time, you don’t even have to leave your main job. Starting from selling online, affiliate, and freelance.

2 Profitable Small Capital Side Business Opportunities

Anyone can do this business, because they don’t need special skills, they can only use social media, they can make money.

1. Selling Snacks

It sounds very ordinary, but selling snacks is very profitable, you know, you don’t need high capital. Even with money IDR 100,000 I just can start selling snacks with cool brands.

The method is quite easy, you just have to look for an existing snack food distributor, then you become a reseller of the product.

Let’s say Kakarak Macaronito become a reseller is quite easy, you only need to order a minimum of 10 pcs then you will get a reseller price, which is IDR 10,000/pcs.

This means that you already have a product with a 100k mode. Now, then you resell the product at a price of 11-15 thousand / pcs.

Of course, this price is very well suited to the hands of consumers. I myself have tried this method when I was in high school.

I was able to pocket a profit of at least IDR 100,000/week, which was certainly a large amount for a child my age at that time.

2. Selling Youth Clothing

Now, if this one has been done by a lot of people, because it is very easy and the benefits are huge. You don’t need to produce your own clothes, just look for them from online stores with cheaper prices, then you increase the selling price.

For example, a plain t-shirt product, in marketplaces such as Shopee, Tokopedia, or Bukalapak, costs Rp. 30,000, so you sell it at the market price of Rp. 50,000/pcs.

Another interesting thing, you don’t need to spend capital first, just make an offer first, if someone is interested, you just order, this is called a pre-order system.

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