Some Profitable Small Capital Sharia Investments

Now, investment is not a foreign thing in society because many have used it and even saved it for future needs. Investing has many benefits for life if done right. Avoiding the many risks that exist, people can take the alternative of choosing a small capital sharia investment if they want to invest. Check out a review of several lists of choices about the types of Islamic investments that can be done with small capital, namely:

1. Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are included in one of the small capital Islamic investments. With only ten thousand rupiah, you can invest. There are many investment options to choose from when using mutual funds. In fact, mutual funds cover all groups, whether small or large, besides that there are already sharia mutual funds.

2. Sharia Bonds

Sukuk, also known as Islamic bonds, are a type of small capital Islamic investment. In Islamic bonds there are several contracts that can be chosen when investing. Several contracts are available such as Mudharabah, musharaka, ijarah, istishna ‘and many more. It’s just that this investment provides benefits at a certain time because the capital is small.

3. Sharia Shares

Sharia shares are one of the small capital sharia investments where people who invest do not need to be afraid of choosing the wrong company. This is because when choosing a company if it is not sharia, there will be a notification if the shares are not sharia shares. Of course this will give a sense of security to people who invest because the company is completely guaranteed sharia.

The advantages of sharia shares are that all people can participate in using them even with a small amount of capital. For example, with a capital of one hundred thousand rupiah, people can already invest. Then there are no restrictions on the terms of who invests so that students can also invest.

4. Sharia Deposit

Sharia deposits are savings activities carried out by customers within a period of time in accordance with Islamic religious provisions. The customer will save a certain amount of money in the bank for a predetermined period of time. Then the customer will get a number of benefits according to the initial agreement before saving. Profits will still be given to customers only by way of profit sharing.

The bank and the customer will agree on how much profit for the bank at the beginning with the willingness of the customer. In contrast to ordinary deposits, which use the interest set by the bank, not the customer. In this way, customers can express their opinions if they do not agree with the agreement and there is no element of coercion.

5. Gold Investment

Invest with gold can also be used as an option because it is easy to do. Gold is a profitable investment because the price of gold can continue to increase. People who have never invested can also easily invest in this gold. The benefits of this investment can be done in Islamic banks, gold shops, pawnshops or online.

The return on gold investment is also certain, so it has very little risk because even if gold falls, the investment returns do not harm investors. It’s just that to make this gold investment, don’t be careless, let alone use a ponsi scheme. Make sure there must be a form that really exists.

That’s an explanation of the various types of small capital Islamic investments that can be used as recommendations. People don’t need to worry if they make sharia investments because they are guaranteed safety and comfort. Before choosing the type of Islamic investment, you can find out the ins and outs of Islamic investment.

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