Starting from now! 5 Tips to Manage Your Finances So You Can Buy Your Dream Home!


Many of my friends here are dreaming of their own dream house. Therefore, we will provide a little explanation regarding tips on managing finances so that you can buy your dream home.

With the following tips, then the dream house that you dream of, can certainly be bought easily. Due to careful planning, and all cost allocations have also been well planned.

So what are the tips for managing finances so that you can buy the dream house? Curious, right? Let’s see the review in the following article.

How to Manage Your Finances So You Can Buy Your Dream Home?

Tips for managing finances so you can buy a house

So that your wishes can be realized quickly, then we will provide a little explanation regarding how to manage finances so that you can buy your dream home. Let’s read this article to the end!

1. Determine the Budget First

If you want to buy a house, the first step is that you must know the amount of budget that you must set aside to buy the house.

Generally, people who want to buy a house cannot afford to buy with cash and prefer to buy through Home Ownership Installments (KPR).

Bank Indonesia itself has set the amount of down payment for the initial home purchase at 15 percent of the property price.

2. Reducing the Burden of Debts Owned

Having other debts can make it difficult for you to focus on paying off your face money or mortgage debt.

That’s why if you have credit card debt, online loans, family loans and the like, it’s a good idea to pay off as much as you can. If it’s difficult, think about switching to a loan that offers a lower interest rate.

3. Get a Side Job

Buying a house is not an easy thing, it takes a big fee to be able to build it.

To accumulate that fee, it can be difficult if you only rely on monthly income that you can always get.

So from that, looking for a side job seems to be a good inspiration to increase income.

You can be a freelance writer, online taxi driver, trade online shop or any other profession that can bring in new income.

4. Controlling Saved Money

Did you have the funds before buying a house for other purposes? Some kind of old age fund, mutual fund investment, savings or something like that?

If it’s true, you can reduce the amount of funds you want to save and transfer them to funds to meet the target of paying for a mortgage or house installment debt.

The types of funds above do not seem like that you need for now, and the desire to own a home can be a priority over others.

5. Reducing Cost of Living

The method of managing finances so that you can buy the last house you can live is, reduce your daily expenses by pressing the fee as sparingly as possible.

You can start by reducing your expenses by 10 percent. For example, if you budget for a shopping fee of IDR 200 thousand per month, you can reduce it by 20 percent to close to IDR 160 thousand.

Not only that, it’s also a good idea for you to start a simple lifestyle by reducing expenses to buy clothes, bags, shoes, to the routine of eating at restaurants.

Conclusion and Closing!

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