Still Confused? Here are 5 ways to choose nail polish color according to skin tone!


There are still many people who like the color of their nails to vary, that’s why nail polish is also increasingly diverse in color. In this article, we will discuss how to choose nail polish color according to skin tone.

So that you don’t have to bother anymore to find out what nail polish matches your skin color.

So if you use it, it’s not too tacky or doesn’t look too bad. Curious, right, about the discussion of how to choose the color of nail polish according to this skin color? If yes, then consider the following reviews.

How to choose nail polish color according to skin tone?

how to choose nail polish color

In determining the choice of nail polish or nail polish color, it is also necessary to be careful in buying the color or even the ingredients in the product.

If not, maybe not just the color that will match, but the damage to the nails as well. So to avoid that, we will provide some how to choose nail polish color according to skin color to look cool when hangout with friends.

1. Nail polish for white skin

For many fair-skinned people because your skin can be a bit pale so you have to look for a polish color that complements – not makes skin paler. Selection of smooth pastel patterned nail polish like sheer pink. If you’re not happy, that’s right, you can look for colors with blue undertones.

You can choose a lot of pink colors, ranging from blue undertones to warmer ones. You can also use bright red with blue undertones. Since there’s a lot of blue, why not just use navy blue? This color is common but suits fair skin with warm undertones.

2. Nail polish for medium skin – olive

Most Indonesian skin is plain and olive. Normal skin does range from oversized bronze to olive tan, depending on the undertone of each.

This skin tone type can actually wear various colors, but it is the choice of nail polish that can emphasize the beauty of your skin tone. For warm undertones, choose a nail polish that has red or orange undertones. Instead for cold undertones, here, choose something that is more bluish.

If you want to use nude nail polish, a good color is a beige color that has a yellow base. For red, choose a red-orange color that will make your skin glow. You can also choose peachy pink and coral, or lilac blue to sky blue. The key: the pigment color should not be very subtle.

3. Nail polish for dark skin

Black skin tones generally have slightly cooler undertones in accordance with striking and bright colors. If you don’t dare, you can choose thick earthy or nude colors leading to mocha, beige, or cream.

If you want pink, don’t use baby pink, but neon pink or fuchsia! Want another color? Don’t worry about experimenting with cobalt blue because you really like this color. If you want a pastel blue color, don’t have too much white undertone as much as possible.

Almost all red suits you guys, why. However, if you want to be even more glowing, select the red black subsection. You’ll feel a kind of super-heavy stone, right!

4. The right color for slim hands

Using a more natural and subtle color will not draw attention to your fingers, but will look like finger extensions.

  • Make skin white: amazing color sheer pink
  • For medium – olive skin: sheer tan or beige pink
  • For black skin: toffee and mocha colors

5. The right color so nails look small

The black color is suitable for cold months and can make the nails look not short. Choose the right black color for your skin tone, right!

  • For white skin: oxblood red color
  • For medium-olive skin: mauve and burgundy
  • For black skin: navy blue color

Conclusion and closing!

So, those are some recommendations regarding how to choose the color of nail polish according to your skin tone, how do you want to buy it yourself?

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