Stock Learning Tips for Beginners


Playing stocks does promise other additional income, including being able to be used as passive income. However, playing stocks is not as easy as imagined, especially for those of you who are still beginners.

Playing stocks must be really understood even if you need to learn how to play stocks in detail so that it doesn’t actually harm you.

Especially at this time, along with the times, many people are tempted to play stocks, but do not yet have a good understanding and ability about stocks, such as observing stock price movements to the types of stocks that have the potential to be purchased.

Indeed, playing stocks can indeed be used as a cash opportunity, but behind the high earning potential, there is also the potential for loss if you are not smart or understand how to play the stock itself.

For that, before starting to play stocks, you should first start with the details on how to play stocks, manage stocks, to determine when is the right time to buy or sell the shares.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong for you if you want to start learning to play stocks, because actually playing stocks is not seen in terms of age, but the main thing is capital as well as skills or expertise in analyzing the market.

Here’s a simple way to start learning to play stocks:

Getting to Know Stocks

The first thing you have to understand when you start learning to play stocks is to know in advance what stocks are as an investment. Based on its understanding, stock investment can be interpreted as an activity or activity related to equity participation as an investment with the intention of gaining profits in a certain period or even long term.

There is a lot of literature on stocks and other types of stock investments that can be easily found simply by accessing search engines such as Google or others.

Understanding Analysis

After understanding about stocks and the features that exist in the stock game itself, the next step is to learn to understand stock analysis. Here you will learn to analyze market movements to analyze the financial developments of companies that will aim to invest.

Fundamental analysis in stock investment is closely related to macroeconomic concepts. So, as a stock player who is relatively new and still new, you should be selective in choosing a company where to invest until the amount of investment value that you will invest in the company.

What you need to remember is, stocks move dynamically, and tend to be closely related to speculation, it could be that at this time the value of the stock you invest in is down or low but dynamic capital market changes are very likely to make the market situation, especially the company where you invest, suddenly experience increase in stock prices so that careful analysis is needed.

Start with a Small Stock Investment

After having a little understanding about stocks, investing and how to do market analysis, it never hurts to start playing stocks with small numbers first.

Because, by practicing directly, You will have experience with self-taught analysis which often has its own technique or method that can generate money.

However, before starting to learn to play stocks on a self-taught and direct basis, there are several conditions that you must understand, especially the requirements for playing in the capital market, such as: creating a stock account based on the identity of personal data, and creating an investor fund account as a place for stock transactions. (mz)


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