Suitable for New Business Fields! 4 Contemporary Corn Processes That Can Generate Cuan, Worth A Try!


The rise of online business now has begun to penetrate MSMEs, so that young entrepreneurs have started to be confident about what they are doing. Currently, processed corn has become a separate trend among business people. How do you want to know what’s next? Read on!

Corn is a food ingredient that is very rich in carbohydrates, besides that corn can also grow well in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not surprising that corn is usually a substitute for rice.

Besides containing lots of carbohydrates, corn also contains many nutrients that are good for the health of the body, such as protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C and many more.

With many of these nutrients, corn has health benefits such as losing weight, preventing diabetes, maintaining healthy teeth, and many other benefits.

What are the Current Processes of Corn that Can Be Used as New Business Fields?

modern corn processing

Therefore, there are a lot of corn processing businesses like today, whether it’s in the market or on the side of the road. Guess what modern corn processing can be used as a new business field. Let’s see the explanation as follows.

1. Corn Sponge

modern corn processing

The sponge cake business from the past until now has never subsided. There are so many cake shops that accept orders for steamed sponge for certain occasions. However, there are not many variants of this sponge, but only chocolate and cheese.

Therefore, today’s processed corn can be combined with making new innovations, namely corn cakes. Where, the ingredients needed are the same as ingredients for making sponge cakes such as wheat flour, eggs, sugar, coconut milk, baking soda, food coloring, and of course corn.

Maybe you already have a sponge cake business, but need a new menu or flavor variant of the sponge made. This corn cake can certainly be a new menu that you offer.

2. Corn Pudding

modern corn processing

If you are a lover of desert or sweet food, the name pudding must have become one of the common foods, right? Starting from chocolate or vanilla pudding, apart from these flavors, it turns out that pudding can also be created with corn.

You can start this innovation to start a new business. The ingredients are quite easy, namely corn, liquid milk, sugar, cornstarch, gelatin powder, and water.

So this contemporary corn processing can be used as a new business opportunity, where are you? accept ordering corn pudding for certain occasions.

3. Jasuke (Corn Milk Cheese)

modern corn processing

This jasuke food is probably one of the most famous and hits of corn preparations. Because it tastes delicious and sweet, and fits the tongue of the Indonesian people, this food is very salable in the market. Jasuke traders are most commonly found in playgrounds and on the roadside.

To make this jasuke, you need ingredients such as corn, cheese, margarine, and sweetened condensed milk. Processed corn on this one big enough opportunity to be used business small or home.

4. Corn ice cream

modern corn processing

Processed ice cream made from corn is sure to be a favorite of various circles of society. In addition to its sweet taste, this corn ice cream is very suitable to be drunk in the hot sun and certainly makes the throat fresh.

For those of you who want to start a corn ice cream business, you can take orders or sell them at places that have the opportunity to sell, for example at schools, markets, or in front of your house.

Conclusion and Closing

Well, those are some contemporary corn preparations that can be used as new business fields, how are you interested in doing this business?

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