Sweaters for Hijabers, Outfit Options for Formal and Non-Formal Activities


Sweaters are not always only worn when the weather is cold. Sweaters can even be cool outfits that help support your appearance, including sweaters for hijabers who don’t want to miss the latest fashion.

Sweaters are never timeless, besides being effective for warming the body, especially when worn in the rainy season, sweaters can also be a choice of clothing for various activity needs.

Likewise for hijabers, in addition to sweater designs that already meet Muslim clothing standards because they tend to have large sizes so they don’t highlight body curves too much, sweaters also have design always long sleeves.

There are so many sweater combination concepts for hijabers that are both contemporary and stylish and don’t have to be used in certain seasons like the rainy season for example.

By choosing the right combination, especially the bottoms and the hijab used, it turns out to be very effective in supporting your everyday appearance.

You can use the following mix and match sweaters as a reference in combining your everyday outfits:

Sweaters and Plesket

The combination of sweaters for hijabers and plisket seems to be a fashion choice that is never timeless. By choosing the type of pleated skirt, both in the ideal color and motif, plus a sweater with soft colors, it will make your appearance look fresher and be able to build the impression of your warm personality personally.

Supported by a pleated skirt design that accentuates the perfect details in every fold, it can make you look taller and tier and look more elegant.

Patterned Sweaters and Skirts

The second choice to mix and match sweaters for other hijabers is to use a patterned skirt, be it a pleated skirt or a maxi skirt by choosing a color that matches the sweater to make it look more elegant.

The function of the patterned skirt is not only to build an elegant impression, it is also able to build the impression of a body that looks taller and tier, especially if it is added with sneakers or sneakers that have slightly high rubber heels as a complement.

Sweaters, Skirts and Wrapped Hijabs

The combination of sweaters for other hijabers, skirts and wrapped hijabs will also make your appearance look more contemporary with a simple impression while building a look that is not rigid.

To further complete the look, you can use lightweight flat shoes to support your busy activities so that you can move more freely both at formal events and to hang out with friends.

Sweaters and Jeans

The combination of a sweater with jeans has indeed succeeded in building an energetic and flexible impression for anyone who combines these two types of outfits for daily activities to complete your cheerful day, you can add simple and lightweight flat shoes to make it even more perfect.

Sweaters and Blouses

Mixing and matching sweaters with blouses is no less cool, you know, you can make the blouse as an interior which is then wrapped in a sweater with slightly rolled sleeves or you can fold it up to the bottom of the waist so that the blouse still looks like a casual outfit, especially when traveling or walking around. walk with friends.

Play with Color

Another alternative to using sweaters for hijabers is to use bright colors to make them look more different. You can use a calm or pastel colored sweater and then combine it with a long ankle-high skirt plus white sneakers to make it look more energetic.

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