Techniques for Promotion of Perfume Offline and Online


Perfume is one of those products that can be quite difficult to promote virtually or using social media, but not impossible to do. The reason is that the fragrance of various perfumes is also adjusted to the tastes of each person. Actually, there is a secret to how to promote a perfume that is quite unique, either directly or through social media.

Of course this is good news for business people, especially perfumes because it is likely to increase profits and new customers who come. There are at least two promotional techniques that can be done by business owners through traditional ways directly and utilizing social media. Immediately see the explanation of how to promote perfume below:

Direct Perfume Promotion

The first recommendation of how to promote perfume is to use the direct bidding technique that is commonly used. However, there are some unique and interesting suggestions you can make to attract customers. Curious what are the suggestions and how? Follow until the end of the explanation below, namely:

  • Prepare some perfume paper that can catch the perfume scent.
  • Spray perfume onto the paper which is used for promotion later.
  • Choose a promotion place by considering the strategic position, the number of people, and the atmosphere of the place. Try to do it near the store to make it easier when there are interested visitors.
  • Give an example or sample pre-sprayed perfume paper to passing customers. In this section, don’t just give and adjust the fragrance for the purpose of perfume marketing.
  • When there are customers who are interested or ask about perfume, then answer patiently and don’t seem demanding. Don’t change your expression or tone, even if the prospect doesn’t buy the perfume.
  • Help choose other perfume recommendations by providing perfume paper beforehand.
  • Do these steps repeatedly to keep it effective and adjust it to the store’s profit calculation. .

Promoting Perfume On line

Next, there are recommendations for how promotion the second perfume is to promote perfume on line. This is of course difficult to do, moreover there are so many competitors from similar products to use brand big. Don’t worry because there will be steps you can follow to do promotions online on line among others:

  • Choose one type or variant of perfume which is best seller and generally liked. When new customers try their perfume variants, they are not disappointed, they are likely to buy the same or different variants again.
  • Then also specify the social media you want to use, for example Instagram or Facebook. Regarding the target market, adjust whether the social media users are appropriate.
  • Also determine sales on line whether to use online shop merchant or not. Use online shop may be more recommended because it can increase the level of trust of potential customers.
  • When the promotion and sales have been determined on line, create an account and put a short description in the bio section.
  • Post products regularly to make them look active.
  • Method mouth to mouth also recommended to do. This method allows the product to be recommended by other users without having to pay additional fees.
  • Provide service and packing attractive and elegant so that mouth to mouth can occur.

That’s the way perfume promotion can be done, it is necessary to understand that everyone’s tastes are different so it would be better to have many different variants. In addition, the steps taken have also been explained in detail so that they can be followed easily. So first, this explanation is expected to help perfume business owners increase their sales through promotions.

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