Terms and How to Register MSME BLT Online, Easy

To help capitalize on small and medium-sized businesses, the government provides cash assistance during this pandemic. But most people still don’t know how to get it. Therefore, in this article, it is explained how to register BLT UMKM in detail on line through smartphone. In addition, there are some important provisions to note the following:

Terms and Conditions for Submission of BLT UMKM

In order for business activities to continue despite being affected by Covid-19, the government has begun to distribute BLT MSMEs. Help The amount given is IDR 1.2 million with a disbursement process starting from July to December 2021. But not everyone can get it. There are several terms and conditions that must be completed:

1. Be an Indonesian Citizen

Those who can receive social assistance for these business actors are Indonesian citizens. Foreigners are not allowed to register for MSME BLT. The way to prove it is by having an ID card. In addition, the line of business that is carried out also has provisions. Namely on a micro, small, and medium scale.

2. Not from the State Civil Apparatus

The next requirement for people who can apply for BLT UMKM registration is not from the ASN (State Civil Apparatus). Not only that. Residents who are members of the Police, TNI, and work in BUMN or BUMD also cannot get this assistance. Most importantly, they are not currently receiving assistance from the People’s Business Credit.

3. Have a Clear Business

The line of business proposed for BLT MSMEs must be clear. This is evidenced by the existence of a Business Identification Number. But if the address of the business is different from the owner, you must look for a Business Certificate issued by the related party. Business owners are also required to include a National Identity Number.

Steps to Register for MSME BLT

If the terms and conditions have indeed been completed, then you can proceed to how to register BLT UMKM directly on line through smartphone. In this case, what must be considered properly are the steps in making the NIB (Business Identification Number). Listen carefully how below:

1. Visit the NIB Creation Site

The site used to create a Business Identification Number is OSS. So, business actors must register online blt umkm by registering their business first to process the number. The first step is to open browser whatever’s in smartphones. Make sure there is an internet network that is connected. After that, in the search field write oss.go.id and press Search.

If you are already on the initial screen of the OSS page, then business actors must select the menu to make a permit in the second way of registering BLt MSMEs online. That is by pressing Business Licensing and clicking Register NIB. Choose the field according to the business you are running. Next, a form will appear that must be completed. If the blanks are already filled in, press Save and Continue.

If there is not only one business, you can press Add Business. Fill in the data as when registering a previous business. Especially for small businesses, must apply for a location permit. When finished, click next and check the section disclaimer. Finally, press NIB Creation Process.

3. Register Via Link

After getting the Business Identification Number, then join the MSME BLT registration through link distributed by the local government. If you succeed in getting it, you will automatically be registered in the BRI eForm and receive a notification message. Check through the BRI eForm page and withdraw it by coming directly to the bank.

That’s a description of how to register BLT UMKM in detail on line through smartphone each. Make sure it meets the specified requirements. In addition, don’t forget to register your business first and get a Business Identification Number.

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