Terms of BPJS Employment BLT and How to Check Online


During this pandemic, the government issued a lot of assistance, one of which was the BPJS Employment BLT. This assistance is given to workers and workers, who are affected by covid 19. Then what are the requirements to get BLT BPJS Employment? The following are the requirements for the BPJS Employment BLT and how to check it online:

Terms of BPJS Employment BLT

Not all workers can accept help BPJS of Employment. The workers or workers must meet the requirements, which are given by the government. Here are a few requirements for BPJS Employment BLT that must be met:

1. Indonesian Citizen

The first requirement is an Indonesian citizen or Indonesian citizen. The color of foreign countries will not be able to get BLT BPJS Employment. To prove it, applicants for BLT must show an Electronic ID card. If you do not have an Electronic ID card, you will be asked to show your NIK which is usually listed on the Family Card.

2. Registered as an Active Employment BPJS Participant

The next requirement is that the applicant for this assistance must be registered as an active BPJS Employment participant. So to get this assistance, applicants must register for BPJS Employment first. Usually there are several companies that register their employees to BPJS Employment, so there is no need to register again.

3. Have a Maximum Income of 3.5 Million Rupiah

The third requirement is to have a maximum income of 3.5 million rupiah, in one month. The wages will be recorded in BPJS Employment, when you first register. However, there are some exceptions regarding this salary, which is adjusted to the UMR of each region.

4. Work in PPKM Level 3 and 4 Regions

The fourth requirement is that workers or laborers work in the regions, which are determined by PPKM levels 3 and 4. PPKM levels 3 and 4 are indeed very strict, so workers and laborers will usually be temporarily laid off. As long as they are laid off, the wages of workers and laborers will automatically be dismissed.

That is why the government focuses on providing assistance in the PPKM level 3 and 4 areas. So if the PPKM level decreases later, and workers return to work, it is likely that the assistance will be discontinued.

5. Business Sector Preferred

The last requirement is that workers or laborers work in the business sector. Examples of the business sectors in question are transportation, consumer goods, property and real estate, trade, and services. This does not mean that other sectors cannot get assistance, it’s just that this business sector is a priority for the government.

How to Check BPJS Employment BLT

After knowing the requirements, then the workers and laborers must know how to check the BPJS Employment BLT. The purpose of this examination is so that workers or laborers can know whether they have passed the verification as BLT recipients or not. The way to check it is very easy, first open the website

Next, press the option to Check the Status of Prospective BSU Recipients. Then enter your full name, NIK, and date of birth according to your identity. Check the captcha code correctly, then press the Continue option. Wait for a notification or notification to appear. If it passes, then the user will get a congratulations from the system.

Verification will be continued by the Ministry of Manpower, so workers and laborers only need to wait for liquid assistance. To find out when the assistance will be disbursed, you can access the official website of the Ministry of Manpower. You can also look for it on the internet, and in the news about BLT BPJS Employment.

Those are the requirements for the BPJS Employment BLT and how to check it online. Meet all the requirements, in order to get this help. Don’t forget to verify, so you can know whether the user is a BLT recipient or not.

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