The 5 Cutest Angora Cat Price Lists, Turns Out to Start at 200 Thousands!


Many cat lovers in Indonesia are looking for various types, one of which is Angora. But for those who don’t know about these Angora cat price lists.

So, the News Reference has summarized it and you can use it as a reference when you want to buy this type of cat. So read this article to the end.

Price Lists of the Cutest Angora Cats

Price Angora Cat 1

In the market itself, the price list of Angora cats varies, ranging from 200 thousand to millions of rupiah. For more details, see the following discussion:

1. Angora Kitten Mix

Angora Kitten Mix

This type of Angora cat has special characteristics like village cats in general, but the difference is only the fur.

With a face that resembles an ordinary domestic cat, this breed is highly sought after because it has a fairly affordable price starting at 200 thousand.

2. Angora X Village Cat

Angora X Village Cat

It’s a little different from the kitten mix, it seems that Angora x native cats have slightly shorter fur.

With prices starting at 200 thousand, this cat really sells in the market, because it has a fairly easy maintenance.

3. Angora Peaknose

Angora Peaknose

The special feature of this type of Angora cat is that it has a very snub nose compared to other Angoras.

However, it is because of this special characteristic that cat lovers fall in love with this breed. In the market, the price of this Angora cat ranges from 1 million to 500 rupiah.

4. Himalayan Mix

Himalayan Mix

This type of Angora cat usually has a special characteristic face with black fur, with wide and glowing eyes.

When viewed in the dark, this species seems scary, but when viewed during the day, this Himalayan mix is ​​really funny and cute. Children of this type ranged from 300 thousand.

5. Angora Odd Eye

Angora Odd Eye

Having a special feature that is very striking, the odd eye type of Angora has two different eye colors.

So many lovers cat who likes it. Although it is very rarely found in the market, it is quite easy to care for it, just like cats in general, for the price it ranges from 2 million rupiah to 3 million.

Final Words and Closing!

Angora Cat Price

Well, those are some price lists for Angora cats, although the prices are quite expensive, but if it’s a hobby, please buy it yourself.

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