The 5 Most Durable Car Tire Brands The Best Recommendations


Car tires are included in the comfort and safety for driving that need to be considered. Of course, choosing tires that match the type of car is one of the small things that is often overlooked. So for that, it is very important to choose the most durable and best car tire brand before buying. Here’s the explanation:

1. Archilles Car Tire Brand

First of all, what is most often heard among users of the best brand tires is the Achilles brand. This tire brand is a brand that is often used by world-class car racers. The marketed price is 300,000 to the price of millions of rupiah depending on what the purpose is and also what the model is.

Usually for the ordinary type the price will be cheap and can be under 300,000. However, if the type of tire is good enough, it will be quite expensive, even more than 300,000.

2. Bridgestone Car Tires

The second brand that is often chosen is Bridgestone. This tire brand is also included in popular tires. Because it uses sheets on the cord such as a frame or tire frame, it can produce very high quality. The ability to grip on terrain using tires of this brand is also very strong.

In addition, the curves and the structure of the best tires are made using a very fashionable style but still functional so that there are no problems. This makes driving safer and more comfortable.

3. GT Radial Car Tire Brand

Third, the most durable car tire brand is the GT Radial brand. This tire brand is usually a sponsor for big events. Like in F1 car racing. The reason is that the quality is not in doubt, it can maintain stability when driving on various road tracks.

Car tires that use this brand can also make acceleration to make driving balanced and comfortable when used. The marketed price is from hundreds of thousands to 1 million rupiah.

4. Falken Car Tires

Fourth, the most durable car tire brand and the next recommendation is the Falken brand. This brand is also a brand that is certainly familiar to car users. Because the quality is very good, making car drivers always comfortable and safe when using it.

The Falken brand is also more focused on purposes for everyday use than for racing car use. This tire also has the advantage of a specially designed structure with a variety of travel tracks. So with that, with daily goals, of course, this tire is known as a tire brand with qualified quality. The selling price in the market is 600 thousand only.

5. Hankook Car Tire Brand

Furthermore, the last of the most durable car tire brands is Hankook. This tire brand is a tire brand under the auspices of the largest company in the world number 7. Namely, a Korean company Dynapro which specially designed using special high quality materials.

In addition, this tire has 4 circular grooves which function to prevent aquaplaning. Where when the tire passes through a wet road, the user can comfortably and safely drive without fear of being slippery.

Well, above are 5 brands tire the most durable car the best recommendation. This brand is very often found in all stores. Of course, at various prices. Starting from the cheapest to the most expensive.

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