The 6 Best Universities That Can Study While Working in Indonesia

Not a few people who decide to go to college, even though they are already working. To meet these needs, eventually many universities provide employee classes. Employee class is a lecture program for workers, so lecture times can be arranged so as not to interfere with work. Here are 6 universities that can study while working throughout Indonesia:

1. Open University

First there is the Open University, which is also known as UPBJJ or distance learning program unit. As the name implies, this university was founded for workers who cannot go to college directly. So lecture activities can be accessed from anywhere, without having to meet or face to face.

Not only spread throughout Indonesia, the Open University is also spread in several other countries. The faculties and study programs are quite complete, not inferior to universities in general. Another advantage of the Open University is that it belongs to a state university, or state university. Tuition fees at this university are also very affordable, so it can relieve students.

2. University of Indonesia

The next university that can study while working is the University of Indonesia, one of the leading universities in Indonesia. Not only provide class studying Usually, UI also provides afternoon or parallel classes for employees. As the name implies, class lectures will be held according to the average working hours of the workers. So workers don’t have to worry about missing lecture hours, because it has been adjusted.

Not all study programs or majors provide parallel classes, but the ones available are still interesting. Majors that provide parallel classes are civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, industrial, and architectural engineering. Other study programs that provide parallel classes are metallurgical engineering, and information systems.


The third university that can study while working is Bina Sarana Informatika University, or commonly known as BSI. Similar to the Open University, BSI also applies a distance lecture system. With this lecture program, BSI hopes to produce graduates who are independent entrepreneurs. Not only independent, but BSI also wants to produce graduates who are technology literate.

4. Pamulang University

Fourth, there is Pamulang University, or better known as UNPAM. This private university, located in Tangerang, provides special employee classes for workers. So students who work, can choose their own time to study. Usually students will choose afternoon classes, or when they come home from work.

Class time is also not every day, usually in a week only 2 to 3 meetings. The cost is quite affordable, so it is very easy for students. There are also quite a number of available majors, so workers can choose according to their wishes.

5. Bina Nusantara University

Fifth is Bina Nusantara University, or commonly abbreviated as BINUS. BINUS itself is classified as one of the best and prestigious universities in Indonesia. As one of the leading universities, BINUS also provides employee classes. This university, which can study while working, also provides dual degree programs.

So students can get two degrees at the same time, at the same time studying. To find out about lecture hours and majors, prospective students can directly visit the official BINUS website.

6. Gunadarma University

Finally, there is Gunadarma University, a university that is famous for its technology. This Depok-based university also provides employee classes for workers. The employee class at Gunadarma University is one of the favorites, because it is known to be good and produces excellent graduates.

Those are 6 universities that can study while working throughout Indonesia. With the employee class program, going to college is no longer a difficult thing for workers. Surely many are greatly helped, with universities that provide this program.

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