The Advantages of the Ayo Course Program and 4 Ways to Register


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) through the Directorate of Courses and Training (Ditsuslat), the Directorate General of Vocational Education (Ditjen Diksi) has launched the Ayo Course program.

The Ayo Course program is a place to train Skills through online courses for those who are unemployed and need skills training. As a form of government assistance, registration for this program is free of charge.

Ayo Course program that targets 24,000 children aged school who are not in school under the age of 25 are also expected to help graduates of secondary and tertiary levels to acquire skills before working. This program is also a response to the large number of graduate students who are still unemployed and need courses and training.

This program will later be integrated with the Employment Skills Education (PKK) and Entrepreneurial Skills Education (PKW) programs. This is to prepare graduates of the Ayo course program to be able to work and become entrepreneurs.

Participants of this course program will be provided through courses and training for 100-400 hours of learning with a choice of types of skills according to their individual needs and interests.

To make this program a success, Kemendikbudristek also appealed to school principals throughout Indonesia to immediately update the status of school graduates at Dapodik. This is so that students in need can immediately register at Ayo Course.

Prospective students can register independently in the computer-based Ayo Course application at the link This link will systemically be linked to course and training institutions (LKP) that have been defined in the PKK/PKW program.

On the program page, prospective students fill in their personal data, after being curated, prospective participants are free to choose courses with the type of skills according to their talents and interests, which will then be directed to LKP according to the type of skill chosen.

The Ayo Course program targets as many students as possible according to the quota that is still provided by the PKK/PKW program, which is more than 24,500 participants in 2021 with a budget of around Rp. 100 billion for LKP throughout Indonesia.

With this course program, it is hoped that both PKK and PKW programs can also provide targeted services to those who really need and according to the human resource development targets that have been carried out so far apart from being able to suppress the increasingly high unemployment rate due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to Register for the Come Course Program

Registration for this program can be done online via the page. After entering the registration page, there will be two options for prospective participants.

The options are; “Register Now” and “Already Have an Account”, choose “Register Now” if you don’t have an account yet on the official Ayo Course page.

The next process is to fill in your personal data completely, starting from the Population Identification Number (NIK), Full Name, Phone Number or Whatsapp and the email address used to access the Ayo Course program.

After successfully logging in, you have started to be able to choose the type of course you want to take or the one that suits your interests.

For prospective participants who meet these requirements and want to improve their competence through courses and training with various types of skills according to their interests and talents, this program is one of the solutions offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate of Courses and Training, to help the community continue to improve its quality after post-graduate training. unfavorable pandemic situation.

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