The Best Silent Car Tire Brand in Indonesia

Silent car tires are the choice for most motorists. The best type of silent tires will not make a sound noise and quieter when walking on asphalt. There are lots of silent car tires with a choice of different brands and qualities. Check some brand These are the quietest and most comfortable car tires:

1. Dunlop

The first quietest car tire brand is the Dunlop brand. There is a tread pattern design as a tire vibration damper when on bumpy roads. This technology can certainly increase comfort and silence. Silent car tire price brand Dunlop on the market is approximately 600 – 900 thousand per one tire. The price range is adjusted to a certain place and time.

Dunlop has features that effectively absorb shocks on the road surface. This is due to the adoption of a new silent tire sidewall profile. Dunlop silent tires are also available with a fairly complete size variant.

2. Yokohama

Brand The next quietest car tire is the Yokohama. This silent car tire is among the best recommendations and has many options. Yokohama is also known as one of the most popular car tire brands in Indonesia. All types and types of tires from Yokohama are the best with quality tires that are claimed to reduce noise.

The price of Yokohama silent tires is quite high, ranging from 1 – 3 million rupiah. The benchmark prices issued by Yokohama are comparable to the quality offered. Silent tires brand Yokohama is able to improve the performance of the car.

3. GT Radial

Car tires from GT Radial have the following features: low noise, not noisy and quiet. GT Radial presents two types of tires, including GT Radial Champiro HPY and LUXE. Champiro HPY tires tend to be more complete than LUXE. Ring HPY ranges from 16-20, while the LUXE type is only available ring 16 only.

Various interesting features of brand GT Radial car tires which have their respective advantages. For example, there are features of an asymmetrical tread pattern that guarantees safety with excellent grip and traction on dry or wet roads. There is also a high-performance silica compound which has a strong grip and can produce low scroll resistance.

4. Turanza

Which automotives are not familiar with brand Turanza? Brand tire This quietest car is designed so that the driver can enjoy a quieter ride, isn’t it? noise, and more fun. Existence grip tires with the type of model to reduce noise so that it becomes comfortable in various road conditions.

Turanza tire brand has a price quite affordable, around under 1 million rupiah. This price estimate may vary, depending on a particular time and place. Turanza is also one of the quietest and best car tire brands in Indonesia. The durability of Turanza is also more durable and of course it is available in various sizes

5. Michelin

Switch to the next quietest car tire, namely Michelin. Michelin Primacy 3ST tires are available which can keep noise outside and inside out. Drivers can certainly enjoy the feel of driving comfortably and quietly at all times. Brand Michelin is one of the most popular and classy silent car tire brands.

Michelin car tires have affordable safety features. The maximum safety feature can work for shorter braking, which is 2.2 meters on wet roads. Michelin car tire brand is also 25% more durable than other brands.

That’s some brand the quietest and most popular car tires in Indonesia. Use silent car tires with the best choice of brands to enjoy a quiet, comfortable and noise-free ride. Hope it is useful.

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