The Delicacy of Hong Kong Fried Rice with Aromatic Flavor Number 1


Initially fried rice became the original culinary of the Chinese community since the first until finally it was known as another variant, namely Hong Kong fried rice. The idea of ​​making fried rice was created because of the character of the Chinese community who tend not to like cold food or dishes.

This also applies to rice that is already cold, the Chinese community then modifies it into fried rice until it is famous as it is today. Hong Kong fried rice is also known by the Chinese as Yang Chow fried rice.

Hong Kong fried rice is known for its distinctive and delicious taste, as the culinary offerings of the Chinese community are rich in spices and the selection of aromatic spices plus a mixture of shrimp, meatballs and shredded chicken is increasingly building. delicacy this legendary treat..

Hong Kong fried rice itself has the same character as other fried rice in general, it’s just that this fried rice has other additions such as shrimp, meatballs to sliced ​​chicken including the addition of peas which makes it look more different.

On Public For us, Hong Kong fried rice is also better known as a complete fried rice menu or special fried rice, only that the difference in the dish is that there is no additional topping in the form of peas in the fried rice dish.

Even though it’s in the serving category culinary luxurious, you can also make it yourself at home because the method is relatively easy and can be made by anyone and is very appropriate to serve as a main dish not only for the family but also at certain moments with a large family, as long as you understand how to stir fry and mix. each seasoning to produce a delicious Hong Kong fried rice dish.

Ingredients and How to Make Hong Kong Fried Rice

The ingredients needed to make Hong Kong fried rice consist of: a portion of white rice that is fluffier and not sticky or the portion can be adjusted as needed. Then, enough shelled shrimp, for those of you who are allergic to shrimp, you may not add it.

Next, sliced ​​chicken, sliced ​​meatballs, eggs to taste and other main ingredients, namely two tablespoons of fresh peas.

While the seasoning includes three cloves of chopped red and white onions and a quarter of an onion, one spoon of oyster sauce, one spoon of English soy sauce, salt and pepper.

The first thing to do is to sauté the garlic and red at the same time until they are really fragrant, then add the sliced ​​chicken and shrimp that have been skinned and then stir-fry until the color of the shrimp turns red then add the eggs and stir until the eggs are cooked and mixed with the spices.

The next process, is to add the rice then stir until evenly distributed, add oyster sauce, soy sauce and add salt and pepper and a little flavoring.

To add more flavor, you can mix the meatballs and then stir-fry evenly but don’t let it burn after it feels cooked, remove the fried rice.

To complete the delicious taste, you can also add pickled cucumber and add a little sprinkle of fried onions.

Hong Kong fried rice is very appropriate to be served during the winter or rainy season to be the main meal with the family to build an atmosphere of warmth in the family or even serve as the main dish at important moments.

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