The Importance of Credit Scores for Teacher Welfare and Career and its 13 Conditions


The credit score is the unit value of each item of activity or the accumulated value of the items of activity that must be achieved by a person teacher in the context of developing career ranks and positions.

Thus, teachers who want to increase their positions are required to propose a Credit Score Assessment (PAK) based on certain requirements.

This is in accordance with the mandate of PermenPANRB Number 16 of 2009 concerning Teacher Functional Positions and Credit Scores that teachers can propose PAK for a minimum of 4 (four) years by following the applicable provisions. guidance and counseling (BK).

The provisions for the Credit Score Assessment (PAK) requirements are related to the files that the teacher must prepare to be assessed by the Assessment Team Position Functional Teacher.

The assessment team for Teacher Functional Positions is a team formed and determined by officials who are authorized to determine credit scores and are tasked with assessing teacher work performance.

The file that is assessed by the teacher to the PAK Assessment Team is then corrected and a decision is made on the value of the teacher’s PAK proposal and considerations for promotion.

The elements of activities assessed in providing credit scores consist of main elements and supporting elements.

Main Element

The main element consists of the following components:

  • Learning/guidance and additional assignments and/or other tasks relevant to the function of the school/madrasah.
  • Continuous professional development.

Supporting Element

Supporting elements are activities that support the implementation of the teacher’s duties, consisting of:

  • Obtaining a degree / diploma that is not in accordance with the field he holds;
  • Obtaining awards/service marks; and
  • Carry out activities that support the teacher’s duties, including:
  • Guiding students in real work practice/industrial practice/extracurricular and the like;
  • Become a professional/scouting organization;
  • Become a credit score assessment team; and or
  • Become a tutor/coach/instructor.

Total Credit Score

This minimum cumulative number that must be met by every civil servant for the appointment and promotion of teacher positions is as follows:

  • At least 90% (ninety percent) of the credit score comes from the main elements.
  • At most 10% (ten percent) of the credit score comes from supporting elements.

The PAK Teacher PNS Requirements Files in general are as follows:

  1. School Registration (School registration in the form of a Cover Letter from the Principal)
  2. List of Proposals for Annual Credit Score Assessment (DUPAK)

DUPAK is made annually from January 1 to December 31.

  1. Employment File
  2. CPNS SK
  3. SK PNS
  4. SK Inpasing Functional Positions
  5. Minimum SKP for the last 2 (two) years
  6. Last Pack
  7. Old Carpet
  8. Position Decree (Special for Principals)
  9. Educator Certificate (for Certification Teachers)
  10. NUPTK card that is still active
  11. Diplomas according to the old decree

This self-development activity for teachers can also take the form of functional training or teacher collective activities. Physical evidence of Self-Development in the form of a Functional Training Report of at least 30 Lesson Hours, equipped with a Letter of Assignment from School, Invitation, Charter/Certificate, Attendance List, Activity Photos, and Activity Matrix.

The role of PAK for the welfare of teachers is very important for education and education personnel in the education unit, especially for teachers who teach in remote areas that are far from any access so that the level of welfare, especially in terms of the teacher’s economy, is the main consideration so that teachers can be optimal in carrying out their duties. as educators to educate the life of the nation’s next generation.


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