The Lightning Master Assassin! Killua Anime Hunter X Hunter and 5 Facts You Should Know!


Killua anime in Hunter x Hunter is not the main character, but since its appearance, many fans immediately like his personality.

He is a very formidable character with his lightning element. Here are some facts that you must know from the Killua anime Hunter x Hunter.

What Are the Facts About Killua Anime Hunter X Hunter, Lightning Master Assassin!

Killua Zoldyck

It is true that Gon is the main character of the Hunter X Hunter anime, but who would have thought that many of the fans really idolize Killua anime in the anime story.

Here are the facts from the Killua Killua anime Hunter X Hunter that you must know!

1. Become the Most Popular Character

You could say that the most popular character other than Gon is Killua Zoldyck, besides that he is also very smart in predicting the course of the fight.

2. Can Manipulate Elements

Because this character gets electrocuted more often, over time he can manipulate the power of electricity into lightning which is very useful for the battles he is facing.

3. Can Move Very Fast

This character may be one of the fastest characters in the Hunter x Hunter anime, because of that, this character is very popular with lovers anime the.

4. Can Defeat the Enemy Quickly

During the entrance exam in the anime, Killua can easily defeat his enemy, with his abilities he can become a very great character.

5. Be Gon’s Faithful Friend

In order to get stronger Killua must protect something valuable, one of which is Gon. He became a loyal friend of Gon’s both hard and happy.

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Well, that’s a little explanation about Killua anime in Hunter x Hunter. Watch this anime right now, on your favorite digital streaming platform.

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