The MSME Social Assistance Check Application To Make Check Disbursement Easier


Currently, beneficiaries of social assistance for MSMEs can check the status of the disbursement here application check MSME assistance. However, it turns out that there are still many beneficiaries who do not know this method. In fact, beneficiaries can monitor the disbursement of aid data online with this service. The government is indeed promoting assistance for MSME entrepreneurs.

Especially, during a pandemic like this. When the economic sector is very weak and people’s purchasing power decreases. This assistance can help MSMEs to continue to run their businesses. The government has also cooperate with banks such as BRI and BNI to disbursement of these funds. Here’s how to check it.

1. Downloading Applications or Accessing Through Websites

As previously written, the government has collaborated with the Bank for the disbursement of these funds. So the recipients of social assistance can check the process of disbursing funds through the MSME social assistance check application and the platform provided by the bank.

Beneficiaries can download the e-form application from either Bank BRI or BNI. However, if the beneficiary does not want to download a new application again. Access can be done through access to the e-form website. Just enter the e-form that matches the disbursement bank, whether it’s BRI or BNI.

2. Enter the NIK Number

In the MSME social assistance check application and website access, there will be a text column. The column is filled with the NIK number as stated on the ID cards of the beneficiaries. Then at the bottom there will be another column. This field is used to enter the verification code above it. The model is like a captcha code, so it’s very easy to enter it.

3. Starting the Inquiry Process

After the NIK entered is correct, then the verification code written is also correct. Beneficiaries can process it by clicking the process button inquiry at the bottom of the application display the UMKM social assistance check. Then wait for further notification.

NIK will be identified by the system. If the beneficiary is already registered as a recipient of social assistance. Then it will immediately appear on the screen at the end of the process. The status of the disbursement of funds will also be listed on the page. If the disbursement process is complete, the beneficiary can withdraw the funds.

4. Visit the nearest Channeling Bank Branch Office

If the status in the checking process is green and the funds have been disbursed. Social assistance recipients can visit the nearest Bank branch office. In accordance with the selected channeling bank, whether BRI or BNI. Don’t forget to bring the original e-KTP that matches the NIK that is entered as a tool for verification.

Some bank branches have special provisions such as having to attach a letter of responsibility and an account opening form for those who do not have an account at the channeling bank. However, there are also bank branch offices that do not ask for the completeness of these documents. It’s good to be prepared. Because sometimes it’s needed.

5. Withdraw and Withdraw Funds

At bank branch offices, beneficiaries can withdraw funds directly through tellers. Funds can also be put into an ATM card so that the beneficiary can withdraw it himself from the ATM machine. If the user has received an ATM card from the previous MSME social assistance, the funds will be disbursed to the account number they already have.

That’s how to use the MSME social assistance check application to check disbursement. This application is only used to check, yes. Meanwhile, for direct disbursement, beneficiaries still have to visit and verify data at the channeling bank branch office near their house.

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