The Profitable New 2021 Franchise Beverage Business Idea

Idea The Contemporary Beverage Franchise Business – Are you interested in getting into a franchise business? Currently, there are many modern franchise drink business ideas in 2021 that are quite profitable. Of course there is no harm in trying to start the business.

You don’t need to spend a lot of capital, set a marketing strategy, prepare a brand and logo. Because of the franchise system, you only need to prepare the capital you have and then you will get a product as well as a well-known brand.

The following will provide a reference for a profitable current franchise beverage business idea that you can try.

Modern Beverage Franchise Business Idea 2021

As time goes by, the current drink is getting more and more fans. It’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in this business.

In order not to be left behind, you are obliged to know some examples of these contemporary beverage franchise businesses:

1. Eight Ice Blend and Squash

It is a beverage franchise business that was founded in 2014. The idea of ​​a beverage business originating from the city of Cirebon can be found in various big cities in Indonesia. No wonder this business has quite a lot of fans.

The franchise has 8 flavors on the ice blend menu. Meanwhile, the squash menu consists of 6 flavors. The existence of many flavor variants is what is the main attraction of this business, which has many enthusiasts in Indonesian society.

2. Teapot

You are certainly no stranger to this franchise business. Tea Poci itself is one of the drinks that is already popular in Indonesia. The drink is made from tea with the addition of ice cubes.

This one business itself is quite in demand. The franchise itself is almost spread in all cities in Indonesia. Especially in some shopping centers. The attraction of this drink itself is the freshness of the water, ice, and rock sugar.

3. Nyoklat Kress

Is one of the beverage business that quite a lot of people are interested in. This business itself uses the basic ingredients of chocolate with a taste that is not marketed. There is also a crispy taste that blends into every sip of the drink.

For the taste itself is also very diverse. Starting from choco banana, oreo chocolate, tiramisu, original chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, and many others. That way, every buyer will not feel bored when they want to buy it.

4. Starbucks

Who doesn’t know this drink, many young people like to hang out for coffee at Starbucks cafe, maybe just for insta stories or enjoying their coffee.

It turns out that Starbucks opens a franchise business opportunity, you know, of course you can get a very big profit if you take this opportunity. Because as we know the coffee market this year is in its infancy.

So it is possible that the coffee business will provide high profits.


From various the current franchise beverage business 2021 above, which one are you most interested in? Basically, each of these beverage businesses offers various advantages of each.

Therefore, just choose according to taste.

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