The Protégé Movie, The Story of a Hitman and His Revenge! Watch Now In Your Favorite Cinema!


Presenting an amazing action film, The Protégé really makes the audience enter into a tense storyline.

What’s more, the film The Protégé immediately presents action scenes at the beginning and is not complicated in the storyline, making most viewers immediately like it.

Synopsis of the film The Protégé

the protege

For its own synopsis, The Protégé tells of Anna who is a victim of captivity and is rescued by Moody.

Because Anna is not physically trained, she is trained by Moody to be a tough person, as well as a killing machine to take revenge.

Hitman Action Film and His Revenge

Now Anna and Moody trust each other, then they work together to kill the bad guys, who used to hurt them.

The journey of the two of them to find the real villain is very long, besides that the action scenes are also displayed in such a way as to make the storyline even more alive.

If you want to know the next story from Anna and Moody? Then watch the full story only at film The Protégé, yes.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a little spoiler and also a synopsis of The Protégé, the story of a hitman and his revenge. If you want to know the full story? Just watch it in your favorite cinema.

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