The Simplest Way to Fix Corrupt Excel Files Online

The Simplest Way to Fix Corrupt Excel Files Online

Having an excel file that is corrupted is a sad thing, especially if the file is really needed. Today’s technological sophistication makes users no longer need to worry if they experience a corrupt excel file because there are a myriad of ways that can be done. Here’s how to fix excel file which is corrupted by online most simple:

1. Open Browser

Users must open the browser first as the first step. The browser used can also suit the tastes of users. Usually when doing it on a laptop or computer, then there is Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Just choose one of the easiest user versions.

Keep in mind that to be able to access this browser you must be connected to an internet signal. Connect first to a personal hotspot or WiFi around the house. Good signal quality will further accelerate the process of handling the experienced excel file is corrupt .

2. Type Drive

Many think that Drive can only be used to store files. Moreover, Drive can be used to repair excel file that is experiencing corrupted . How to repair excel file is corrupted it online to do is to get into the A pale Drive beforehand. Click Drive in the Google search field and then click enter.

Another option for opening Drive is to open the small square dot in the top right corner. If the user’s laptop has logged in with an email, many features will appear, one of which is Drive. The shape of this Drive is a triangle with four different colors, namely yellow, green, blue, and red.

3. Click the Plus Sign

On how to repair corrupt excel files online, users will be led to the initial Drive screen. Then in the upper left corner there is a big plus button that says new. The plus sign also has four different colors so it’s easy to spot. Click the option and select Upload File. The location of this Upload File is in second place so it is easy to find.

4. How to Repair Corrupt Excel Files Online by Searching for Corrupt Excel Files

It would be even better if the damaged excel file had been prepared in advance so that when it was needed it would not take too long to find it. When the plus sign is clicked, the user will be directed to the storage column on the laptop. Remember well where the excel file is located.

The tip that should be done for the damaged file is to create a separate folder and give it a name that is easy to remember. If these tips are done, the user will not find it difficult to find the location of the file storage. Files that have been found click select and don’t forget to click Open.

5. Wait for the Process to Complete

The file will be processed for a few minutes so you have to wait first. The length of this process depends on two things, namely the signal strength and capacity. If the signal is good, then the process will be faster. A small capacity will also speed up the upload process. How to fix a corrupt excel file online is important to note.

The upload process that has been completed must be followed up to prove whether the file can be opened or not. Generally, if the method is done in a coherent way, the file can be re-opened. This method can also be done to deal with other corrupt excel files so that many files are handled.

How to repair excel file that is corrupted by online has been presented above is very helpful at all to repair damaged files and can not be opened. Understand one by one well how to successfully restore damaged files. Immediately do this method right now