These 4 Medium-Term Investment Options are Very Prospect


Medium term investments generally last for 1 to 5 years. The purpose of the investment is usually to prepare for education costs, house payments, and others. There are several choices of investment products that you can use and they are safe and very profitable.

Gold Investment

Gold is an investment product that is most in demand by the people of Indonesia. In fact, gold is not only used as jewelry, but also a safe and profitable form of investment. In addition, gold is also easy to find and can be stored for a long time.

Gold investment also does not know the term inflation, because the price tends to rise every year. Those of you who are interested in investing in gold can buy it directly and save it.

Mixed Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual funds are a type of medium-term investment consisting of stocks, bonds and deposits. In mutual funds there must be bond investments and also stock investments.

This type of investment must be carried out in a pre-planned form of investment placement. Investment managers in mixed mutual funds must be able to manage a portfolio of bonds and stocks so that the return process can be carried out optimally.

Retail Sukuk Investment

This type of medium-term investment is run according to sharia and was deliberately established by the government to help finance various development projects. Retail Sukuk are run by the state and the regulations are managed directly by the Minister of Finance.

Sukri’s advantage is that the investment system is based on sharia principles and the profits that investors get also come from effective calculations. In addition, the investment returned is up to 100% and is directly protected by the state.

Sukri can be purchased at a minimum price starting from IDR 5 million. The bigger the investment, the bigger the profit.

Indonesian Retail Bonds

The bond investment is managed directly by the Republic of Indonesia and sold on an individual basis. Ori products are issued with the aim of managing the state debt, expanding the investor base, and helping finance the state budget.

You can buy this type of medium-term investment with a minimum price of IDR 1 million. Purchases can also be made directly by agents in the form of commercial banks or stock exchanges. Ori’s investment profits can be obtained from the calculation of the nominal value of the bonds that will be purchased by the user.


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