These are 5 Informatics Engineering Job Prospects and Salaries, Check it out!


Choosing a major to pursue the world of lectures cannot be done manually random. There are many things that can be considered so that later you will not regret after choosing this major. In modern times that puts forward technology as it is now, the Department of Informatics is in great demand by many people. Below will be discussed about the job prospects of Informatics Engineering and the salary that can be considered when choosing a course in this department:

1. Front End Developer

There are many who come from the Informatics Engineering major who choose a career in this one job. A Front End Developer usually has the task of designing programs that will be used by users. Jobs like this are indeed very promising because not everyone has the ability to design programs in the field web with special abilities.

For those who want to get Informatics Engineering job prospects and a promising salary, they can pursue this one job. Some of the things that are usually the job of a Front End Developer include designing, web according to CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code. This is the answer to what the prospects for information technology work and future salaries are.

The existence of these components will later be arranged into a program such as: website which other users can access. Jobs like this are indeed very promising because the ability to design programs is needed for all businesses so that the gross income ranges from 6-10 million rupiah.

2. Security System

A business certainly has several things that need to be protected to maintain the continuity of the business itself. In this case, usually a company also needs security, especially in the field of technology, so a Security System is needed to handle this.

Work as a Security System will be related to creating and supervising the company’s information security system. Income from this work can usually reach 5-8 million rupiah. It is not surprising that the job prospects of informatics engineering and the salary are questioned by many students.

3. Full Stack Developer

For those who are interested in a career as a Full Stack Developer, they must also have the ability in the field of technology, such as graduates Technique informatics. Jobs like this turn out to be very promising because a Full Stack Developer will manage the program with a point of view front end and backend. Someone who works in this field must also master various abilities in the system engineering including about server nor database.

Not everyone can have a career in this field because a Full Stack Developer must have taste good in technology. This job demands creativity and innovation that must be balanced with experience to find the latest breakthroughs. Armed with qualified skills, this work can generate 5-13 million rupiah.

4. System Analyst

Analytical skills are needed in this job. The System Analyst will later manage the programs needed to solve problems that exist in a business. This job can also provide a large income ranging from 5-8 million rupiah, depending on the business being managed. The tasks carried out in this work will also be related to the analysis of the system applied in the business that connects between customer and company.

5. Back End Developer

Working as a Back End Developer is a little different from a Front End Developer. If someone chooses to have a career in the Back End Developer field, they will usually handle everything related to the back view of the site, such as: database, network and server which is connected in a website. This job also requires skills in understanding various program systems such as Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP and many more.

For graduates of Informatics Engineering who pursue this job. A Back End Developer is also able to earn large incomes ranging from 6-10 million rupiah. No wonder there are many companies recruiting employees for this position, especially those with abilities such as Informatics Engineering graduates.

This is information about the job prospects of Informatics Engineering and the salary as a reference and consideration for choosing a course in this department. Informatics Engineering is indeed very suitable to get great job opportunities in the modern era that emphasizes technological sophistication. Choosing a course in this major will also be very helpful to hone your skills or abilities skills especially in the field of technology so that it will be useful when working later.

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