These are 5 reasons why the car can’t turn on when it’s started


The performance and health of the vehicle should be very concerned, because small obstacles can be a sign of damage or foreign matter on the vehicle. An example that often occurs is that users are confused and look for the cause of the car not being able to start when it is started repeatedly. Usually this happens as a result of damage to other machines or the part is already damaged.

In connection with this, this time we will discuss the various causes of the car not being able to start when it is started and hopefully it will help when confused. In addition, the explanation below will also discuss the appropriate treatment given. No need to delay any longer and see the explanations, including:

1. Dynamo Starter Ampere It’s Old and Broken

The first component to check its function is the dynamo starter ampere is too worn and damaged to be reusable. Please note that the function of this component is to supply electricity to the battery so that the vehicle starts. The treatment step that can work is to replace the dynamo starter ampere existing with the new.

2. Something is Blocking the Flow of Fuel

The cause of the car not being able to start when it is started is related to fuel and at least it must be there so that car can live. When you make sure that the fuel is still there, but the car doesn’t start, it’s possible that the fuel flow has been disrupted.

Actually there are many components that help flow fuel to every part of the vehicle such as filter, fuel tank, and so on. Therefore, the best way is to take him to an expert and then look for the cause.

3. The temperature of the coil is too hot or it is damaged

The next part that hinders the car when it is started is the temperature of the coil that is too hot so it doesn’t work properly. This is related to its function because the coil is one of the intermediaries between the electric current to the vehicle battery. Therefore, the temperature will increase drastically when used continuously without rest.

To restore its function, vehicle owners can rest first so that the engine temperature returns to normal. Worse, if the vehicle coil does not improve, you can check and replace the coil at a trusted repair shop.

4. Spark Plugs In Cars Are Too Dirty

Who doesn’t know the function of spark plugs in vehicles? That is to start the engine when it is done starter on the vehicle. In contrast, when the spark plug is too dirty or hot, the ignition process will be less than optimal and cause the vehicle to not start. The reason is, this is one of the causes of the car not being able to start when it is started

For handling, try checking the spark plug with a cloth or finger to check the thickness of dust and dirt on the spark plug. Cleaning can be done with a special penetrant for cleaning spark plugs.

5. The cable connected to the ignition key is disconnected

Then there are other possibilities that can cause the vehicle to not start even though it has been started repeatedly. It is also necessary to check the condition of the cable to see if anything is damaged or broken, although this possibility is quite small for this to happen. However, it never hurts to do an in-depth check when you know that some of the previous components were not problematic.

That’s the last thing that can be the cause and close the explanation this time about the cause of the car not being able to start when it is started repeatedly. It is hoped that car owners can also understand, maintain, and care for their vehicles so that they can have the best performance when driving. So this explanation and hopefully will be useful for readers in the future.

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