These are 5 Tips for Overcoming Gadget Addiction in Children


Technology does play an important role in children’s development, but the use of gadgets in children should also be limited. This is because it can encourage children to become addicted. If your child is already addicted, here are tips for overcoming gadget addiction in children that you can apply.

Limiting the Use of Gadgets

Arrange the right time for children to use gadgets. Then, also avoid leaving gadgets carelessly, because children can take and use them. Make sure the room area and children’s play area are free from gadgets, so that the use of gadgets in children can be controlled.

Giving an Explanation to Children’s Negative Impact of Using Gadgets

Tips for overcoming gadget addiction can then be done by giving explanations to children about the worst risks of using gadgets. You can describe crime stories on social media, eye damage or abuse cases. But pay attention to the child so as not to worry too much.

Set a Good Example for Children

Children tend to see and imitate everything that is done by the people around them. So as a parent you should also reduce the use of gadgets. If parents forbid their children to use gadgets, but he himself uses them, then the prohibition will not produce results.

Let Children Do Many Activities Outside

Allowing children to play a lot outside rather than at home is one of the most powerful tips for overcoming gadget addiction. Let children do activities outside the home with their friends by playing games or other fun activities.

It is better to provide facilities in the form of toys as much as possible for children, so that they are used to not using gadgets in their daily lives.

Be Firm as a Parent

Gadget addiction often makes children tantrum, but as a parent you must remain firm and wise in applying the rules. Do the best way to make children detached from gadgets, because the effects of gadget addiction are very influential on their health.

Do not hesitate to consult the problem to the doctor in order to get the right solution. Usually the child will be much calmer if handled by a doctor who is experienced in his field.

Here are some tips for overcoming gadget addiction in children that you can apply. Do not forget to always monitor the activity of children in playing gadgets.

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