These are 6 Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Body Health


The benefits of papaya leaves being one of the vegetables that are known to have many benefits not only for health but also for daily needs. Enzyme content and nutrition naturally needed by the body to support health and even to treat various types of diseases.

In general, the texture of papaya leaves is more like cassava leaves. However, in terms of color, it is a bit different because papaya leaves have a lighter light green color and have quite a lot of sap with a bitter taste that tends to be strong.

Papaya leaves have a lot benefit which is good for the body as a medicine for various diseases, papaya leaves can also be used to support health, including to soften meat. But even so, most people make the leaves with a lot of sap as a plant to cure various types of diseases.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Health

One of the main benefits of papaya leaves is for health. As is known papaya leaves have many benefits for treating various types of diseases. In fact, the benefits of papaya leaves can also be used to increase stamina in the body.

Good for Increasing Blood Platelets

Papaya leaves have a very good content to increase platelets in the blood, especially for people with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

By processing the benefits of papaya leaves into a juice drink, the blood platelets of DHF sufferers will increase in just a matter of days so that the platelets as blood cells return to blood clotting smoothly.

Help Increase Body Stamina

Regularly consuming papaya leaves either by making them as fresh vegetables or made in the form of juice is very good for increasing body stamina as other benefits of papaya leaves, this is because the carbohydrate content in papaya leaves is one of the main energy sources for carrying out daily activities.

Can Lose Weight

The benefits of other papaya leaves are also very good for those of you who want to lose weight. The high fiber content in papaya leaves can prevent hunger and the desire to eat food.

The way of processing is quite simple, you can consume papaya leaves that have been boiled or make it into a drink.

Relieves Inflammation

The next benefit of papaya leaves is that papaya leaves are very effective in reducing inflammation in the body, one of which is inflammation of the joints.

The high anti-oxidant content in papaya leaves is very good for reducing inflammation, the way of processing it is enough to make it as an extract, juice or simply make it as an additional salad.

Good for Hair Growth

In external use, papaya leaves are also very good for helping the process of hair growth due to hair loss caused by stress, age or other factors.

Young papaya leaves to be used as a hair growth medicine can be used as a mask which is then applied to the hair and massaged into the scalp for a few moments then rinse with clean water.

Improve Skin Health

Papaya leaves, whether consumed or applied to the surface of the skin, are also very good for improving skin health. The enzyme content in papaya leaves is very effective in removing dead skin cells on the body’s surface.

In fact, for teenagers, papaya leaves can also be used as a natural remedy to get rid of acne.

However, before use, the papaya leaves are cleaned first, including the sap with clean and flowing water, so that the papaya leaf sap does not touch the skin surface.


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