These are 6 ways to get BLT through a BRI Account, it’s easy

As a form of concern for business actors who lack capital, the government provides assistance in this pandemic. Then how to get it? The following will explain how to get BLT through a BRI account. This social assistance can be used as capital and a good stimulus for business continuity because the amount reaches 1.2 million rupiah.

It’s just that so far there are still many people who don’t know how to get this direct assistance, especially BNI users. Well, for those who don’t know, don’t be sad, here’s a way that can be used as a reference as well as a guide:[atkanbantuanlangsungtersebutkhususnyaparapenggunaBNINahbagiyangbelumtahutidakusahbersedihberikutinicarayangbisadijadikanreferensisekaliguspanduan:

1. Accessing the OSS Site

If you look at the Regulation of the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, those who will receive BLT assistance are micro business owners. Which owner has been proposed by the institution entitled to make the proposal. But it turns out you can also register yourself. Namely by on line and through smartphone each.

But not necessarily all business actors can get social assistance from the government. Previously, you had to know how to get a BLT through the first BRI account, which was to apply for a license and look for a Business Identification Number first. The trick is to access the OSS site, which is a site where you can get your NIB. Type the address and press the button Search.

2. Filling out the Form from Entrepreneur Profile

After being on the OCC page, the way to get BLT through the second bri account is to create an account first by clicking the Register button. There are two kinds of business licenses to choose from. If it is included in a micro-scale business, then choose Micro Individual NIB Registration. As for the small scale, also choose the appropriate one.

In the next stage, the prospective BLT recipients will be brought to a new view. This page provides a form containing data and profiles from the business owner. Make sure all fields are filled correctly and honestly. If you feel you are finished, you can press the Save and Continue button.

3. Fill and Complete the Business Data Form

Not only the profile of the owner, but there is also a form regarding data from the business being run. First, click on the box that says Add Business. Then just complete all the columns correctly. Repeat this step if you have more than one line of business. When finished, just click Save and continue to the next process.

4. Fill out the Business Infrastructure Commitment Form

In this stage, what needs to be done are small-scale business owners. This process is used to apply for permits regarding the location and the environment. If you have, you can see all the summaries in the preview. Appearance output It can also be printed in the form of a QR code. Which is more detailed information.

5. Register for BLT

If the NIB and all permits have been successfully obtained, you can proceed to how to get BLT through the next BRI account. Business actors can apply for BLT again. This registration is carried out to the agency in charge of cooperatives and micro to medium enterprises. This proposal will then be forwarded to the ministry.

6. Withdraw BLT

To see if you are registered as a BLT recipient or not, you can check through the BRI eForm page. The trick is to write down the NIK and verification code. If this is true, then immediately contact the nearest BRI branch office and schedule a queue. The money will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s account.

But what if you don’t have account? Do not worry. Because the BRI will create a new account. The recipients must also come directly to BRI. Because there will be a validation process that needs to be completed.

This is an explanation of how to get BLT through a BRI account. Business actors must register and seek permission first. Also make sure to fill in all business-related data correctly.

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