These are the 8 Best Cycling Routes in Jogja to Enjoy the Beauty of Jogjakarta


Cycling is an activity that is both fun and healthy, especially if you are cycling in Jogja. Many of the best cycling routes in Jogja are well-known as one of the icons of tourism in Indonesia and even the world.

In fact, many tourists who specifically come to Jogjakarta and choose to cycle to enjoy the atmosphere of Jogjakarta which is thick with nuances the culture and the friendliness of the people of Jogjakarta.

There are many cycling routes in Jogja that can be explored with family and friends. With various options such as: atmosphere natural which is still beautiful, exploring historical places that are thick with the cultural characteristics of the Javanese people to visiting tourist attractions while breathing in the fresh air of Jogja as well as being a tour option that is environmentally friendly and pollution-free and healthy.

There are several cycling routes in Jogja for tourists specially prepared by the Yogyakarta City Government in order to make the tour more memorable, such as:

Kotagede – Lepe . Dam

This bicycle route or path emphasizes the architectural beauty of historical buildings and houses that are thick with cultural nuances, so cycling in Jogja will provide a very memorable experience while on vacation to Jogjakarta.

In addition, tourists can also stop by for a moment to see the silver craftsmen in Kotagede or visit historical attractions that are around it or even learn to make various crafts with the craftsmen.

See Jeron Fort

This racing bike path has a distance of up to 8 kilometers. This route is more focused on the track around the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace, such as the palace, Taman Sari and the square. Cycling on this route will feel more nostalgic.

Check out the Kampung Susur Sungai

This route emphasizes the natural atmosphere of the typical villages in Jogja and the villages around the river. On this route, the riders will be invited to explore several tourist villages such as Becak Maju, Karangwaru Riverside and Kampung Jetis, including the village near the Prince Diponegoro Museum.

Wijayabrata Route

The route, which is 6.5 kilometers away, can also be categorized as a village route, however, cyclists will see various ancient buildings from the Dutch colonial era such as the Wiratama Museum, Balai Yasa and the Wijayabrata Tomb.

Smart Park Route

This route really emphasizes the urban atmosphere of Jogjakarta as a cultural city by crossing Jalan Sultan Agung – Brigjend Katamso and finishing at Taman Pintar. Goweser can take the time to take a selfie with the iconic Gothic Church in the background and visit the leather craft center in Keparakan.

Smart Cycling Tour

Bike tours on this route are more family friendly, including for children, covering a distance of 4 kilometers. Goweser will be invited to tour a number of interesting locations with children, including interacting directly with the community and enjoying the fresh natural atmosphere of the city of Jogjakarta.

Fun Cycling Nanggulan

This package is an option for goweser who wants to relieve fatigue after activities so that they come back fresh by traversing routes in the open in a fun way. Goweser can also take selfies and wefies with family and colleagues at various interesting locations that this route passes.

Passionate Route N

This riding package is indeed more specifically for riders who already have the expertise and experience in exploring tracks that bring their own excitement by passing through challenging routes.

City Tour

This riding package is intended for tourists who are relatively new to Jogjakarta by crossing various historical attractions such as the Jogjakarta Palace, Malioboro Street to the Alun-alun.

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