Things You Must Know! 5 Concentration Areas of the Business Department in Lectures!


Maybe you are currently sitting at the Social Sciences High School and are still confused about which college major to choose. Then maybe you can consider this business major.

Because this business major is very suitable if you are majoring in social studies in high school. Actually, the field of concentration is also quite a lot, so there is no harm in choosing this major.

What are the Concentration Areas of the Business Department in Lectures?

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If you are confused about the areas of concentration in this business major. Then you don’t have to worry anymore, because we have volunteered to summarize it for you. So take a good look!

1. Production Management

Creation Management is one of the focuses studied by students studying Management Department. This management science teaches us about concept programming, provision of basic materials, quality, quantity, arrangement, to supervision of creation.

2. Marketing Management

Practicing Sales Management in the Business Management Department means that we practice market studies, sales strategies, product advertisements, market analysis, to competitor analysis. In this aspect of management, we learn about how to introduce products to citizens so that the industry’s income increases.

3. Information Management

Sufficient data is one of the most important aspects of any industry decision collection. That’s why Data Management is needed. If you have good interpersonal skills in speaking, understand foreign languages, and are friendly with digital technology, this aspect of management is worth considering for selection.

4. Strategic Management

The knowledge learned while studying in the Management Department is about the categorization, application, and assessment of various industrial activities. In the Department of Business Management, program programming to the allocation of its human resources is one aspect of science that is quite meaningful.

5. Administrative Management

In the Department of Business Management, aspects of Administrative Management are more closely related to Accounting Science. In Administrative Management, we collect, write, and share information for the needs of other managements.

Conclusion and Closing!

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Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding the field of concentration when you want to major in business in college.

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