This is a Digital-Based Business Recommendation in 2022 that Will Generate Money


Entering 2022, digital-based business after the Covid-19 pandemic last year, which became one of the sectors economy is increasingly showing signs of a very rapid increase.

In fact, the economic sector in real terms is getting quite far from digital-based businesses because of the ease and flexibility of digital-based business transaction processes.

In addition, many new digital-based business opportunities after the pandemic have begun to emerge and grow along with the high demand and market needs, which are carried out both through the market place and social media.

These digital-based businesses are even growing and targeting various segments of society, from the lower middle class to the upper middle class.

Advantages of Digital-Based Business

Along with the increasingly vibrant economic growth based on digitization The product provides many benefits for both the seller and the buyer. Because, with technology-based businesses that exist today, it is increasingly easier for people to become entrepreneurs without even having to spend the slightest capital and only taking advantage of technological sophistication and the wide reach of social media.

The magnitude of the economic opportunity, especially in the digital market, has also given rise to many business recommendations in 2022. If previously, digital-based businesses were more dominated by millennials, now various groups have also enlivened the technology-based market, not even mothers are left behind.

Here are some of the advantages gained from a digital-based business:

Offering Low Prices

The main advantage of a digital-based business is the affordability factor of cheap and competitive prices. This is because business actors do not need to bother or even spend large amounts of capital to buy or rent a shop.

As is well known, renting a place of business is indeed a very high capital cost with transaction risks that tend to fluctuate, another impact of renting a shop or shophouse is the cost of electricity to labor.

Offers a Broad Reach

Products that are sold digitally offer a wider reach, not only targeting the local market but even to the global market, this is because of the sophistication of technology that does not have place and time restrictions for anyone who accesses it.

There are so many digital-based businesses that can be used as cash opportunities, in fact almost all products can be sold using digital technology, here are some digital-based business recommendations that can be used as references:

Culinary business

In the past, the culinary business needed a special place to display products, now the culinary business can even penetrate a wider market, simply by utilizing advanced technology, both through market places and social media.

Almost all types of culinary can be used as digital products that have the potential, especially the carrying capacity such as transaction processing to delivery services which are already very adequate in Indonesia.

Beauty product

Next is beauty products, these beauty products have long been a primary need for women with various types and forms of products.

Beauty products have even become one of the products that are sure to sell well, it’s just a matter of how and strategies to promote these beauty products in the wider market through technology.


For this business opportunity, with almost no capital, you only need skills or expertise to market the product, besides that, you don’t even need to spend money on product stocking, let alone bother taking care of the delivery process, because everything will be done by the main producer of the product. you market.

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