Through Tri County Trailers, we can learn about the types of trucks in Indonesia, what are they?


This time we will discuss in more detail the types of trucks that exist in Indonesia and some learning references related to logistics cargo trucks such as the one in the tri county trailers video. Don’t go anywhere!

Trucks are often thought of as road slugs, because they are slower than other vehicles. It turns out, even though it is considered one eye, but its role in our lives is very big.

One of its roles is in the field of logistics or delivery of goods. Because certain trucks can load up to tons of goods. So for those of you who are confused about what types of trucks are in our beloved Indonesia.

You can watch the video on tri county trailers, or if you don’t have internet quota to watch the video. Don’t worry, we have summarized several types of trucks that we often encounter on the streets. Curious? Let’s see the following review.

Types of Trucks We Often Meet in Indonesia!

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out of necessity logistics which is getting higher, it seems that we also have to pay attention to the types of trucks used to deliver goods from one city to another. So here are some of these types of trucks.

1. Ankle Truck

For these ankle trucks, the population is usually the most populous in Indonesia. In fact, various brands often issue the latest models and series to improve the quality of the truck.

Ankle trucks are usually used to carry light loads, such as loads ranging from 5 tons. Or not usually used by material bosses to carry a number of cement, bricks, and many others to be sent to customers.

2. Double Truck

The next type of truck is a double truck or what can be called a double load. Because it has a double rear tire, the truck seems stronger when lifting heavy loads.

This truck has a payload ranging from 7 to 10 tons, depending on the chassis and rear body. Even for the medium version, the carrying capacity of this truck reaches 16 tons, usually for lifting container or the like.

3. Truck Watch

This type of truck is indeed very popular for logistics transportation. Because, it does not have dimensions that are too long and the amount of cargo carried is also quite large from most of its types.

These advantages can make this type of truck pass through narrow streets, so that the goods sent can reach their destination quickly.

Tronton is a term for trucks that have a characteristic with three axles. This very strong configuration, this type of truck is capable of lifting loads or goods that total up to 22 tons.

4.Trintin Truck

If you are an entrepreneur in the logistics sector or a company engaged in the same field. So this type of truck is very suitable for use in loading goods whose number reaches more than 20 tons.

Those are some types truck which is often used by companies engaged in logistics to send their goods. But if you still don’t understand, you can see the full explanation video in the tri county trailers.

Because the videos in the tri county trailers can be a learning reference material for those of you who might want to set up a business in the logistics or shipping sector.

Why Watch Videos on Tri County Trailers?

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Maybe many of you readers are confused about why you should watch the videos in this tri county trailer? The answer is very simple, because there are various kinds of information related to the latest types of trucks.

This is of course very useful for large companies engaged in logistics to make it easier to send their goods. Moreover, today’s market needs are also getting bigger. So there’s no harm in watching the explanation video is not it.

That’s all for our explanation this time, and see you again in the next article! Thanks very much.


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