Timeline Movies! A Journey to Erase Wounds, Watch Now in Your Favorite Cinema!


The actor Reza Rahardian has never stopped showing his best acting in the film, Timeline.

When it comes to Timeline, this film is actually adapted from a best-selling novel with the same title.

The storyline that is shown is also very complex, in fact it is a loss if you don’t watch this romantic drama film.

Timeline Movie Synopsis


For a synopsis of film The Timeline itself actually tells a story of love, happiness, heartbreak, loss, and healing of the main character’s wounds.

Later the main character will be faced with very serious problems with his life, and he must share his love with people who are very close to him.

A Journey to Erase Wounds

On a timeline that creeps forward, there will come a time when you meet the person who will change your life forever.

At the same time, there will be times when you get hurt and lose your grip on life.

Those memories can change your life, so just let it go. Because slowly time will continue to run as it should.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a little spoiler and also a synopsis of Timeline, the story of a journey to erase wounds. If you want to know the full story? Just watch it in your favorite cinema.

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