Tips and How to Play Brain Out Games


Game Brain Out, became the most popular android game today. However, this educational-themed game is quite difficult at each level and requires answers that are sometimes unexpected, even though how to play Brain Out is fairly easy.

Increasingly popular, the Brain Out game whose full name, Brain Out: Can You Pass It? it has been downloaded by more than 10 million user via google play store. In addition, the required storage space is also relatively small, only 40 MB.

This Brain Out game made by Focus Apps even ranks as the second most popular game after Worm Zone, and leaves the games already famous like Mobile Legends and Garena Free Fire.

As an educational game, Brain Out can compete with battle games such as Moba, Battle Royale and RPG.

This Brain Out brain teaser game invites players to prioritize creativity, observance to the ability to see each level of the Brain Out game logically and geniusly even though they still have to be relaxed and relaxed.

This Brain Out game has succeeded in making the players curious, sometimes it requires answers that are sometimes unexpected, so you have to be really careful, digest each question as well as see the answers.

Answering Every Question in Brain Out Game

At level 3 there is a Brain Out game question; who is the tallest? There are pictures of giraffes, elephants, dogs and tucked in pictures of the sun, we automatically choose a giraffe because of its tallest body size, but the answer is the sun.

Then again, the question in level 6 of Brain Out game, look for the biggest fire? there are several bonfires based on their size, but it turns out that when I answered one of them, it was wrong because the right thing was to combine all the fires.

The more popular the Brain Out game is, the more Brain Out game cheats appear which are shortcuts to answer all questions, if you don’t want to bother you have to think hard to answer each question, and think why the answers can be different.

There are also those who offer tricks to play Brain Out by providing hidden clues in the picture that could be the right answer.

If there is no choice, playing Brain Out is easy, you can also follow the flow of the game. You can buy an answer key or for those who want it for free, just watch an ad if it doesn’t work in the Brain Out game

As a Brain Out developer, Focus Apps also sells Brain Out answer keys by buying it on the Playstore for Rp. 29 thousand for 10 answer keys. And, 72 thousand for 40 answer keys.

If you want to really sharpen your brain and measure the extent of your thinking skills, here are some tips that you can do to be able to answer all the questions Brain Out;


Think creatively, because the answers in Brain Out are not always certain, sometimes even trick. The trick, can be by fiddling with each answer, in order to find the most appropriate answer.

Do not give up easily

Brain Out game requires passion to never give up. Because, the higher the level, the more difficult the questions you have to answer. Think out of the box can actually make it easier to answer each level.


Remember, this is just a game, no need to get carried away with emotions, because it will make it difficult for you to answer questions. Create a relaxed atmosphere to make it easier for the brain to work to find the right answer.

View Answer Key

If you feel you really can’t answer. But you are still curious about the real answer, just visit the official website which will give you all the answers for each level, while looking for the reasons for each answer.

Those are tips and how to play the Brain Out game to make it easier for you to hone your skills and the extent of your knowledge level. Remember this is just an ordinary game that you can use to fill your spare time. (mz)

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