Tips for Becoming a Low Budget Beginner Youtuber


It turns out that to get money from the YouTube platform, you don’t have to have 1000 subscribers or 4000 public viewing hours.

Even without having to monetize Google Adsense, we can get up to millions of rupiah from YouTube, you know. Of course there is a secret way to do it.

But don’t worry, because will give you these tips so you can make money from YouTube before being monetized.

Previously, my name is Bima Saputra, an active writer on this website and at the same time a beginner YouTuber who can earn millions of rupiah without any prior monetization.

Yes, so in this article I will share my experience when starting YouTube, which was less than 1 month able to generate money.

Tips for Becoming a Low Budget Beginner Youtuber

Before I tell you, you can see my channel first at I discussed about applications that can make money from the Internet.

So, let’s talk about tips for becoming a beginner YouTuber

1. You don’t have to have a good camera

I myself started making youtube videos without a camera, because the content I was discussing was an application review. So it’s enough with just a cellphone that you can make some videos.

So, the way I did it was, first I tried an application that was rumored to make money, after I tried it for a while and if it proved to be paying I made a video review of the application.

The method is also not too complicated, just record the cellphone screen while opening the application and then explain to the audience of our youtube channel.

Well this way I do for 1 full month.

Indeed, at first the views were not much, and could not make money. But after a month had passed, suddenly the views went up drastically and passive income started to arrive. They were even offered an endorsement from the Likeit lite application.

How can you earn money from the app?

So in every video review that I make, I always include a referral link in the description of the video box, and every time someone downloads the application via that link, I will get a commission from the application.

Now, because the video is always watching, there are certainly people who are interested in downloading it from my referral link. So automatically I get a commission from it.

Even now, thank God, there are only those who have downloaded the application that I reviewed via my referral link, for example neo+ app. Where is the largest passive income contributor for now.

2. Editing Doesn’t Have to Use a Laptop or Computer

Another interesting thing is that I don’t use a laptop or computer to edit my recorded videos. But only with a cellphone.

So every time I finished recording, I immediately edited for a few minutes, because I didn’t need to fill in crowded effects, so it was finished faster.

For the application I use is Inshot, how to use it, just cut it, and adjust it with our sound recording. And after that export it to the gallery.

3. Create Interesting Thumbnails

In addition to a good video title, you must create an attractive thumbnail or cover as well. To make it you can use the Canva application.

Canva is an online image editor, able to create banners, advertisements, presentation slides, and other social media content needs. Just select the YouTube banner search, it will provide a variety of templates that are ready to use.

In addition to using Canva, you can also use the Photoshop application, but you must use a laptop or computer. While Canva can be used via HP only.

4. Upload Videos Don’t Use Quota

Well, when I finish editing the video, I don’t upload it right away, but I’m looking for a good wifi source, and coincidentally near my house there is a corner wifi that can get 5k for 12 hours.

So this method will save us, because when uploading videos to YouTube it is quite large and if you use your own quota, it will be very wasteful. Especially if you haven’t made any money.

So I suggest you just use this method.

5. Define a Niche or Topic

If you are asked to determine a niche, it is a bit difficult, because you will definitely be confused yourself. So I have a suggestion so you don’t get confused.

You can create video topics for your YouTube according to your interests and talents. For example, if you are a gamer, you can make videos about the games you play.

Or you are a person who likes to expose daily life, you can be a vlogger.

How much is the Low Budget Youtuber Capital?

So if you look at the case that I experienced, it can be said that there is very minimal capital, almost none. Because the device I use is only a cellphone, both for recording, looking for ideas, to editing.

The most capital is just an internet connection for recording and uploading to YouTube. The rest is free.

But it might be different if you choose to be a youtuber discussing other topics, and there is a need to show faces. Maybe you will need youtuber microphone you.

Just Start First, There Will Be Results

my personal channel stats

I myself don’t think much about whether to start or not, because I’m afraid that if I think too much, I won’t even start. So I decided to just start first, later there will be results.

And it turned out to be true, as of today (05/10/2021) my youtube channel already has 900 subscribers and is a decent passive income contributor for snacks.


So basically, don’t be afraid to start, just try it first, later you will definitely meet the quality of ourselves, and the comfort zone in this YouTube content environment.

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