Tips for Caring for Kittens Without the Right Mother


You must have seen kittens abandoned or abandoned by the side of the road, even your pet mother died after giving birth. And moved to care for a motherless or independent kitten.

Taking care of a kitten is not as easy as caring for an adult cat. Special attention is needed from care to providing the right food intake so that it can grow like a kitten that is cared for by its mother.

Moreover, kittens (kittens) do not yet have a strong immune system or immune system during their growth period which requires pure milk from their mother to build their immune system naturally.

So that kittens are prone to viruses or diseases if they don’t get special treatment. Adopters even have to give special time to care for this kitten including preparing to become a surrogate for its mother.

Well, here are some tips for caring for kittens so they can grow and develop naturally even without their mother.

Check with the vet

The main thing you should pay attention to before caring for a kitten is to have it checked by a veterinarian. This is done to ensure the kitten’s health condition is related to the possibility of a virus or disease that alights on the kitten.

In addition, for those of you who are still new to caring for kittens, you can also consult a veterinarian about technical matters in caring for kittens, from food intake, how to feed them to the ideal place for kittens to live.

Give a Comfortable Place

The character of a mother cat is able to provide comfort and warmth to her new born kittens. Therefore, there is no harm in preparing a special place, it can be a cage or a warm room including soft materials or fabrics that build a sense of comfort and warmth in the kitten.

Always keep the kitten’s place dry, especially from its feces and urine. Keep in mind that kittens do not yet have the instinct to dispose of special litter or litter boxes, so you should frequently check the kitten’s place to keep it clean of dirt and possible viruses or bacteria in the environment.

Don’t Hold It Too Often

Kittens do have cute and adorable characters, so many cat lovers always want to hold them or even hug them. In fact, this should not be done too often because the kitten will feel stressed and uncomfortable considering that you are not the original mother.

Let him play or get to know the environment around him, at first the kitten will make a sound that sounds a little noisy because the intensity of his roar will be very high in kittens but if he is used to and knows his environment he will start to get used to it and play.

Give Cat Special Milk

Kittens need milk intake with the intensity of steeping milk quite often for the growth of organs including their eyes so they can see clearly. Therefore, you must prepare a special cat milk that has the exact same characteristics as the cat’s mother’s milk.

Do not give cow’s milk which tends to contain lactose because it will very likely cause digestive disorders. In addition, give a special feeding schedule that is adjusted to the weight and age of the kitten, generally every 3-4 hours. Clean the rest or traces of milk that stick around the surface of his mouth because special cat milk is generally sticky.

Give Wet Feed

A kitten yet have teeth They are strong for chewing hard food, so you should give them wet food to make it easier for the kitten to digest the food without having to chew it. The weight of the feed must also be adjusted to the age and body weight, do not feed the kittens too often, make a special feeding schedule every four hours. (mz)


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