Tips for Overcoming Excessive Laziness

Laziness is indeed an innate human trait, but excessive laziness is actually not good, because it can hinder all the goals we want to achieve.

Maybe in a day there is a feeling of laziness to study, that is natural, but if you are lazy to study almost every day, it is actually very dangerous.

So, how to overcome this feeling of laziness?

Of course there are several ways that can be done to eliminate the feeling of laziness in us, depending on the situation at hand.

Tips for Overcoming Excessive Laziness

First, Let’s see first how lazy we feel, for example, lazy to work, now to overcome the feeling of being lazy to work there are several ways, such as:

Just imagine the wages we will get after completing the work, surely a sense of enthusiasm will arise in us.

But indeed in some cases, even though the wages we get are large, there are people who are still lazy to do their jobs. Maybe because the work is not in accordance with the person’s interests, even though he is given the lure of high wages, it will not work.

Now the solution is to find a job that we are at least comfortable with, even if we can make it a hobby as our income field.

Second In general, a person feels bored with the activities he does every day, so that it can cause a feeling of laziness. This is something natural.

We can overcome this problem by refreshing ourselves, or doing other activities for a while to relieve fatigue from the previous work.

So that when we return to doing work as usual, we will feel more enthusiastic again.

In addition, taking a break from previous activities such as exercising, sleeping, or meeting friends can also be a solution to relieve laziness due to work pressure.

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Third force yourself not to be lazy, for example by making a productive daily schedule (to-do list).

This method is very effective at controlling ourselves so that we can finish the work we have planned as soon as possible.

It’s true that the first time you try it won’t work easily, but if you try it continuously, this habit of making to-do lists will make you more productive doing other interesting things.

So that we will not be stuck with activities that only make us bored and lazy.

To make a good to-do list, you can look for some references from Youtube, there have been lots of youtubers who have discussed this to-do list. You just need to adjust which method you want to use.

So, those are 3 tips you can do to overcoming excessive lazinessaccording to the case at hand.

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