Tips on Saving Savings to Buy Cheap K-Pop Merchandise


Not only series only dramas are global, South Korea is also at the forefront when it comes to music. Millennials are increasingly being hypnotized by K-Pop music that continues to worldwide. This of course makes the desire to buy merchandise stronger.

Usually entertainment agency companies will issue official merchandise routinely. Especially if there is a idol groups who performs comeback by releasing a new album. So it is not uncommon for students to find it difficult to manage their finances because they are complacent to buy merchandise what they want from the K-Pop idols they like.

7 Saving Tips to Buy Kpop Merchandise

To help you overcome bad financial problems, you should refer to the review that we will discuss below about 7 tips for saving to buy merchandise K-Pop without asking parents.

1. Set aside pocket money

The first step to saving so you can buy merchandise K-Pop is to set aside some pocket money. Although idol your favorite is not comeback but it would be better if you routinely set aside money so that later when there is merchandise you don’t have to ask your parents for money anymore.

2. Don’t Install Mobile Banking

When you are saving money, you should not install mobile banking on smartphone. The reason is that with this application, it will even make it easier for you to do all kinds of other digital transactions.

3. Create a Budget

You are also required to make a budget plan for one month so that the remaining money you have can be saved for buying merchandise K pop idol what do you want. This method aims to calculate the primary needs so that financial management is neatly arranged.

4. Use a Money Recording App

Currently, there are many financial recording applications that you can use for free. This money recording application is useful for calculating monthly expenses and recording transactions made.

5. Focus on Goals

Because here your purpose of saving is to buy a certain amount of money merchandise If you want K-Pop, then you shouldn’t be easily fooled by other things outside of that. Suppose you want to buy an NCT album, you have to focus on saving to buy the album and don’t use your savings to buy it merchandise more like photocard nor postcard.

6. Limit Money in Digital Wallets

Surely millennials have more than one e-wallet in smartphone. So it would be better if you limit the balance in the digital wallet. Just use one e-wallet with a balance that is not too much is enough as long as you are able to manage expenses per day.

7. Target the money to be collected

Usually the price for one album is around 300 thousand more. Therefore, you must target the amount of money that will be collected so that later you can immediately buy merchandise that desired.

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