Tips to Stay Safe When Solo Traveling


Traveling or traveling is an option for people to relieve fatigue and be a gift for yourself. Some people do traveling with family, friends, but there are also comfortable to do traveling alone. Sometimes, some natural beauties and tourist spots do feel more fun if you visit alone.

Do solo traveling also no less exciting by doing traveling with other people. By going to a place alone, we become more free to determine the time and location to go to a place. Solo traveling It is also very cost-effective because traveling alone tends to be cheaper than other people. Besides that, solo traveling also has benefits that make us able to become confident and more independent.

However, safety is the most important thing in doing solo travel. Being alone in a foreign place makes us need to take extra care of ourselves. Therefore, do solo traveling makes us have to be more careful. Let’s take a look at some tips to keep you safe while doing it solo traveling.

1. Choose a Safe Accommodation

When leaving traveling, the most important thing is where you will settle. Comfortable lodging and safe is the best choice when you go alone. Choose a place to stay that has a good level of security and always make sure to look review on the internet before choosing. This can help you determine a safe place to stay. In addition, choose an inn that is not too far from the place you want to visit to make it easier for you to find the location.

2. Prepare Travel Agenda

Before going to explore a place, you should prepare an itinerary. This is to make it easier for you to choose the right location for traveling. Setting up an itinerary also prevents you from locations that are too far from other locations.

In addition, having an agenda can also help you find out the operating hours of the places you want to visit. Setting up a travel itinerary can also help you find out which locations are closed and those that are still operating. By preparing a travel agenda, you can prepare the right time to visit one place and another according to their operating hours.

3. Know the Transportation Route

If we go to a foreign place, it often makes us confused about where to go and the way. Therefore, you should find out in advance about the transportation routes of the places you want to visit.

In addition, some locations have high fares for taxis. Therefore, it is recommended that you use public transportation such as trains, buses, or other public transportation to save on travel costs. You can download the route application for trains and buses to see their operational schedules.

4. Don’t Forget to Bring Medicines

The most important thing when visiting a foreign place as solo traveler is to bring drugs. This is because to help you if there are critical times that require taking certain drugs.

In addition, bring vitamins to keep your body’s immunity awake while doing solo travel. Bring it too stock masks as supplies to prevent you from being exposed to viruses and pollution. Therefore, bring medicines in anticipation of health problems that you may experience.

5. Bring All Important Documents

Visiting a place does require you to bring the necessary important documents. Especially when you decide to visit places located abroad that require you to bring your passport, airline ticket, and proof of hotel booking.

Always make sure to check the important documents you have to carry and backup the document to e-mail or Google Drive. Carrying important documents such as personal data and passports can also help you in critical times. Therefore, always double-check important documents that must be brought before you leave.

Do solo traveling for some people it may be a scary and unsafe thing. However, if you have prepared yourself before traveling by following the tips above, solo traveling It’s not a big thing to be afraid of. Hope it is useful!


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