Too Limp? Here are 5 Ways to Take Care of Growing Hair Without the Need to Go to the Salon!


For some people who have limp hair, it is certainly a problem, especially if it interferes with their appearance. That’s why we will give you how to treat fluffy hair without the need to go to the salon.

That way the money spent on hair care is also not too big. But the question this time is, is it difficult to treat fluffy hair? You can find the answer in this article. So stay tuned!

How To Take Care Of Growing Hair Without The Need To Go To The Salon Again?

how to care for fluffy hair

Limp hair usually occurs due to a lack of nutrients, so it looks duller and lacks shine. Therefore, we will provide some tips on how to take care of fluffy hair. Curious, right?

1. Using Natural Oil

Method The first thing you need to do when you have limp hair is to use natural oils before shampooing. Usually natural oils such as coconut oil and other ingredients are certainly from nature.

Another alternative is to use olive oil to add nutrients to dry hair. Whatever the choice, make sure to apply it regularly every day, so that the hair grows and has waves.

2. Let Hair Dry Naturally

The point of letting your hair dry naturally is that you don’t use a hair dryer too often, whether it’s a cheap type or even from a well-known expensive brand.

Because it will damage the hair from the roots. Let your hair dry naturally, whether it’s after shampooing or swimming. If you do it regularly, then it is certain that the texture of the hair will shine even more.

3. Using the Comb Slowly

If you want to style your hair to make it more wavy, you should only use a comb and do not use a straightener or materials from electricity. Because it will damage the hair itself.

Method nurse One of them is using a comb, but what you need to pay attention to is how to use it, don’t be too rough, because hair is sensitive and easy to fall out.

4. Use Nourishing Hair Oil

Now there are many who sell masks or hair nourishing oils, therefore use a well-known brand or brand that sells it. Also make sure about the ingredients in the product.

Because if you choose the wrong one, then the hair will be more damaged and can cause hair loss. Don’t let that happen to your hair.

5. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

One of the efforts to keep hair healthy and looks shiny, that is, don’t wash it too often. Because this will actually damage the hair from the roots and make the hair unhealthy.

Get in the habit of shampooing twice a day, but depending on needs too. Because you are an athlete or like to exercise, be sure to consult a doctor about this.

Conclusion and Closing

So, those are some tips on how to take care of fluffy hair without the need to spend a lot of money and without the need to go to expensive salons again. Follow the tips above to make your hair healthier.

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So first the information from us related to how to treat fluffy hair without the need to go to the salon. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, thank you very much!

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