Too Sophisticated! This is the latest OPPOX2021 cellphone that has a phenomenal scroll screen


Maybe there are many friends here who have a hobby of collecting unique electronic items. Then you can’t miss the latest roll-screen technology from the oppox2021 hp series.

Having extraordinary sophistication, it seems that the latest cellphone series from Oppo is truly extraordinary, especially when viewed from the naked eye alone which can make everyone amazed when they see it.

The technology in question is the roll screen on this oppox2021 cellphone that makes anyone jealous to have it. If you are curious about this cellphone, don’t worry, we have summarized some unique things in this article. Let’s see the full review below.

The HP with the World’s First Roll Screen, OPPOX2021!


Oppox2021 itself is the first roll-screen smartphone that has an infinite swimming poll display design concept. It has an extraordinary appearance, so it’s no wonder that this cellphone is sought after by lovers of unique gadgets.

So what are the interesting things that are on this oppox2021 cellphone? Let’s see the explanation as follows:

1. Have a Scroll Screen

Even Oppox2021 itself claims that he is one of the originators of cellphones that have the world’s first roll screen. So you could say a new innovation in the field of gadgets this year.

2. Can Switch Configuration

When using it, users of this cellphone can switch between configurations, both rolled and pulled. The screen can withstand over 100,000 retractions without opening up the display gap.

3. Have Auto Display

Due to this roll-up technology, oppox2021 can fold the screen or enlarge the screen smoothly. It can even be expanded suddenly and does not have any problems when using it.

4. Have Strong Resistance

When it comes to resilience in mobile phone In this case, there is a warp track laminate that has the same strength as steel. So that it can increase its external strength and elasticity when using the roll screen.

5. Can Customize Display

The operating system on this cellphone can also adjust the contrast display of the Color OS that is being used. Has customization features that can make visuals vary from the screen range.

6. Suitable for Millennials

If maybe those of you who like to collect electronic items including unique cellphones, then oppox2021 is suitable for use daily driver or everyday use. Even for millennials, this cellphone can also be used as a place to show off to friends.

7. You can enjoy a relieved screen

For those of you who might be a hobby or like watching movies, then this cellphone is perfect for that. How not, with the roll screen technology you have, you can watch movies like on a laptop and of course with perfect color quality.

8. Have High Storage Capacity

This cellphone is also very suitable for those of you who may have a job to store large amounts of data. Because this cellphone is equipped with ram 12GB and 512GB internal, of course it can help your work, right?

9. Very Elegant Look

The interesting thing about this cellphone is that it has a very beautiful appearance elegant. With a roll screen that is the main foundation, this cellphone has visuals that can spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it.

So, those are some unique and interesting things that are in the oppox2021 cellphone. How are you interested in buying it? But make sure you have enough money first, because the price of this cellphone is also quite expensive.

That’s all from us and thank you for reading this article. See you again!

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