Top 5 Fashion Design Universities in Indonesia

The world of fashion is an important part of human life. The reason is, both men and women definitely need fashion to complement their daily activities. It’s not surprising that now science around fashion is being developed in various universities. Well, for those who want to take fashion education, you should choose one of the best fashion design universities in Indonesia.

As understood, choosing a place to study should not be arbitrary. This is because in order to avoid not being optimal in studying, and so that after graduation you can get broad job prospects. Well, for those who are confused about choosing the best fashion university, consider the following reviews:

1. UM (Malang State University)

The fashion department at the State University of Malang always has high enthusiasts every year. Various registration opportunities from various paths are always opened every year by UM in the fashion design department. Why? Because at the State University of Malang, this fashion department provides wide job opportunities.

One of them is by exchanging students to various countries. The country that most often cooperates with UM regarding student exchange is Malaysia. By majoring in fashion at UM, alumni will not need to be confused about finding relationships to get jobs.

2. Surabaya State University

Apart from UM, universities majoring in fashion The best design in Indonesia is the State University of Surabaya or commonly called UNESA. On this campus, the fashion design department is always ogled by hundreds of applicants. Meanwhile, in 2020, there are 460 people on the SBMPTN route. While the student seat capacity is only 36 seats, it’s fantastic, isn’t it?

What is taught in the fashion design department at UNESA? Generally the same as other universities, namely understanding the patterns of clothing. The most important thing is how to measure the size of clothes so that they fit people. The fun thing is, every year UNESA always opens space for students majoring in fashion to display their designs in fashion exhibitions.

3. UNY (State University of Yogyakarta)

The next best university majoring in fashion design in Indonesia is Yogyakarta State University. The interest in the Fashion Engineering Education major is also no less high, even much higher than the two campuses mentioned above.

In 2020, registrants who registered through the SBMPTN route reached 1086 people. Of the thousands of registrants, only 36 students were accepted into the Department of Clothing Engineering. No wonder everyone is competing to get into this department.

4. Indonesian University of Education (UPI) Bandung

Want to go to a more prestigious campus? Please try to enter the Indonesian Education University in Bandung. Even though in 2020, there are not as many applicants through the SBMPTN as UNY, but the fashion design department at UPI is no less good and capable. There is always tough competition for prospective students who want to become famous clothing designers.

For your information, from the 30 available seats, there were 594 registrants who flocked to fight for the opportunity. That does not include students who register through invitation or achievement. Therefore, if you want to pass the fashion design study program, you must study harder.

5. UNJ (State University of Jakarta)

The university majoring in fashion design in Indonesia which is also never empty of enthusiasts is UNJ (Jakarta State University). One of the most prestigious places of further education in Indonesia, it only provides 23 seats for new students each year. Meanwhile, there are 603 applicants in 2021.

Of the five universities majoring in fashion design in Indonesia that have been mentioned above, which college do you want to go to? Be sure to really find out more information about the fashion university you want to attend. Hopefully the information above is useful, yes!

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