Transfer Ovo to Gopay in 5 Easy Steps


As two of the pioneer and largest digital wallet applications in Indonesia, both Ovo and Gopay are known to provide many conveniences in the form of transferring Ovo to Gopay directly through these two applications.

As is well known, digital wallets are not new, especially by using digital wallets, both ovo and gopay, in one device at the same time because the goal is to make it easier for users to use the features available on both devices. application the.

What’s more, these two applications often offer many promos that are more tempting than using cash. Therefore, many smartphone users tend to install these two digital wallet applications simultaneously on their smartphone devices in order to facilitate the transaction process, including ovo transfers to gopay, one of them.

Top up or top up gopay balances through an ovo account, through the ovo to gopay transfer process, indeed provides many advantages for users of these two types of applications. In addition, with these two applications, users can also use them to shop with promos that provide many benefits from cashback and others.

Minimum Ovo Balance Transfer to Gopay

From the OVO application, it only applies a minimum transfer of 10,000 rupiah, so for those of you who want to make a transfer with a nominal not too large, this can be an alternative to interbank transfers using an ATM or internet banking, apart from the larger transfer fees because OVO is only Rp. 2,500.

That way the process or method of transferring OVO to GoPay and how to top up a digital wallet through OVO will provide a lot of easy access not only when you need funds suddenly or when you want to shop without having to worry about being constrained by the minimum amount of balance transfer that must be sent to your GoPay account.

How to Transfer Ovo to Gopay

To transfer Ovo to Gopay is also very easy and with a very fast process, here are the steps you must take to start the transfer:

  • First log in to the Ovo application that matches your account
  • Then select and click transfer on the menu list in the Ovo application
  • After that you have to choose the type of transfer by clicking select bank account
  • Choose the type of bank that matches your Gopay account with CIMB Niaga bank then the bank account is filled with the prefix number 2849 and the next step is to fill in the mobile number of the gopay account that you will transfer. The initial number is the OVO transfer code to GoPay via CIMB Niaga. for example: 2849081234567899 and lastly, please enter the nominal to be transferred.
  • After that, the name of the owner of your gopay account will appear and the nominal amount that you filled earlier will be transferred, if it is correct then click transfer.

For information, to transfer your ovo balance, you must first upgrade your ovo account to ovo premiere so you can make the transfer.

And your OVO balance must be at least 10 thousand in order to make a transfer. Previously, this method could use a gem bank to make transfers to gopay. But because at this time it was no longer possible and changed to Bank CIMB Niaga, the initial code was 2849.

Ovo Transfer Fee to Gopay

Since a change took effect in January 2020, Ovo has started charging bank transfer fees of IDR 2,500 per transaction, this also applies to transfers to GoPay via bank accounts.

Previously, the Ovo application had indeed provided a free promo of 10x transfers to any bank without a nominal limit. Although now there is a transfer fee, this transfer fee is relatively very cheap compared to conventional bank transfers which are still much higher

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