Treating Herpes? Here are 5 Benefits of Soursop Juice that You Must Know!


In addition to having a refreshing taste, it turns out that the benefits of soursop juice for the health of our bodies are many, you know.

Therefore, the News Reference has summarized some of the benefits of soursop juice for the health of the body, if consumed regularly. What are they?

What are the benefits of soursop juice for the health of our bodies?

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Soursop is a fruit that is low in moringa, but high in fiber and vitamins. So consuming it regularly, can also be a mainstay when you are on a diet.

Because it has a variety of nutrients, here are some benefits of soursop juice for the health of our bodies.

  1. Can Relieve Pain In Inflammation

Soursop juice has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain. So consuming it regularly can help reduce inflammation in the sick body part.

  1. Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

For those of you who suffer from non-communicable diabetes, another benefit of soursop juice is that it can lower blood sugar levels.

If consuming soursop juice regularly, it can reduce blood glucose levels significantly or periodically.

  1. Can Stabilize Blood Pressure

One of the benefits of consuming soursop juice regularly is that it can stabilize blood pressure. When blood pressure is normal, heart health is also getting better.

  1. Can Treat Herpes

Herpes disease is a viral infection that is around the genital area and also the mouth, it is caused by the herpes simplex virus.

In addition to checking and undergoing treatment from a doctor’s medication, you can also drink soursop fruit regularly, to reduce the spread of infection with the virus.

  1. Overcoming Gout

Soursop fruit can be used as a gout treatment as a substitute for allopurinol because of its side effects.

Thanks to its very high vitamin C content and functioning as an antioxidant, soursop fruit will inhibit the production of xanthine oxidation enzymes that can inhibit the formation of gout.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, those are some of the benefits of soursop juice that you must know, it turns out to be very healthy for the body, you know. So consume it regularly.

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