Try Imitating Only? Here Are 5 Fashion Tips For Skinny And Short Women With Hijabs!


Women who have short body proportions and are also skinny are often not confident with their hijab appearance. Because of the problems that often occur, we will discuss fashion tips for thin and short women who wear the hijab.

So with this discussion, we really hope that anyone who has a thin and short body will no longer feel less confident with their hijab appearance.

Because you will get more in-depth information, related to fashion tips for thin and short women who wear hijab. Still curious about the information? If so, let’s look at the following reviews.

What are some fashion tips for thin and short women with hijab?

fashion for skinny women

For those of you who have problems as we have mentioned above, then you must listen to any tips related to fashion for thin and short women who wear hijab. No need to linger any longer, let’s look at the discussion in this article, OK!

1. Wear Hijab with Cardigan

Wearing a hijab with a cardigan can be very helpful for small women. In addition, you can use heels and wallets as accessories. Can also be added with a belt on the stomach or waist.

2. Wear Hijab with Striped Clothes

The first fashion guide for slim and short women with hijab that can be tried is mixing the hijab with a line pattern.

Clothes with striped patterns are indeed very suitable for short women. This pattern gives the effect of slimming the body in a natural way and makes the user look bigger.

For a catchy performance and look cool, combine after a striped shirt and pants that are matched with a rose blush hijab made of silk. This will help to enhance the formal and everyday look with a very soft, heavy, and glossy sheen.

3. Take advantage of Hijab with Blazer

Long blazer combined with a chiffon scarf of the same color can be a solution for women who are short. This item can be used as an outer with an inner shirt, sweater, and the like. This can make not very official opinion but still looking good. Also add the friction of a sampur bag and boots to give a clear look.

4. Pair Hijab with Culottes

Wear a hijab with big-waisted pants like culottes and a pair of high heels to make it bigger than the actual size.

When choosing plaid color clothes, don’t hesitate to use a floral hijab. You can also wear clothes with lace at the neck to give a fat look to the upper body.

5. Use the Right Pattern

The patterns that are applied to clothes also have certain meanings and opinions. For short people, pants with straight patterns can make the body look bigger. As for the leader, you can use a horizontal pattern to make it look fatter.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some tips about fashion for thin and short women who wear hijab, so please buy the right clothes.

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