Turning Scientific Papers Into Popular Books in 4 Easy Steps


It is not easy to turn a scientific paper into a book, because it requires a special comprehensive study of the results of the scientific paper.

Because, there are some parts in scientific writings that cannot be put into writing popular book. In addition, you also have to review in detail the theme or discussion material that will be the focus of a book.

In particular, the format of scientific writing is different from the structure of the preparation of books to conform to the systematics in standard writing of a book so that it is easy to read.

Here’s how to turn a scientific paper into a popular book;

In a book, the title becomes one of the determining factors that attract readers’ interest. The standard of writing book titles, generally made interesting, short and even a little provocative. The goal is to attract the attention of potential readers.

How to determine the title, can be by determining the topic of discussion first, then look for the most ideal word to be the title of the book or adapted to the theme to be discussed in the book. To make it look more attractive, you can also add provocative words such as; secrets, tips or anything else, the goal is to inspire potential readers to buy scientific papers that have been turned into this popular book.

Adjusting Book Systematics

Written works generally consist of chapters that contain an introduction, background, formulation of the problem and research objectives. Adapt these chapters to the systematics of a book, by adding more specific topics according to the book’s theme.

Likewise, other chapters in the written work can be changed by reducing or adding to the content of the discussion, especially in the literature review chapter, research reports, problem formulations to conclusions.

While the existing research methods in the paper do not need to be written in a book, but still must be used as a reference in writing a book.

Adjusting the Language of Writing Into Book Language

The language used in scientific works generally tends to be rigid and more reporting, therefore, you need to change the grammar to be more flexible, participatory and light so that it is easily digested by the reader.

Double-check every word that contains a specific term in the paper, such as ‘researcher’, ‘report’ and so on. This also includes scientific words that should be changed to popular words.

Turning Data Into Graphic Info

In scientific works, there are often descriptions of specific data, such as the name of the respondent, age and profession, which tend to be monotonous. Data like this, to make it more interesting, should be changed to display infographics or tables that are interesting and interactive so as not to bore the reader.

Arrange Book Contents

The next stage which is the end of making the book is compiling the contents of the book in detail, starting from the title, foreword, table of contents, chapters, bibliography, author profile to synopsis. This structured book arrangement is also important when submitting an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which is a unique code for identifying a book that contains information about the book, such as the title and publisher.

Those were some of the technical ways to turn scientific works into popular books that can be applied either as teaching materials or as general books. By turning it into a public book, besides being able to provide benefits to the wider community, it can also be a potential to make money from the sales of the book.

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