Types of Lego Cars and the Latest Prices for December 2021!


The game that helps the development of a child’s brain motor system is Lego, as long as you know that this toy has various types and shapes, so don’t be surprised if only one shop sells it in different shapes, one of which is lego cars.

With a variety of shapes and types, it’s no wonder that many children love this game. therefore Lego itself has provided a variety of shapes that can be chosen to be used as everyday toys.

Lego itself is a game that supports the development of your little one, moreover there are so many benefits that it can help children to think more creatively when playing this game.

Types of Lego Games You Must Know!

lego car

For now, a variety of lego games are available on the market, one of which is the lego car. Not only that, there are various other types that you must know, if you are curious, let’s look at the following reviews.

1. Lego brick boxes

This type of Lego frees children to shape according to their wishes, in each box there are various shapes and different colors. That way this type of lego can build a child’s imagination to think more creative.

Because it carries a certain theme, this type of lego will be more challenging if played by children. The general form of this type is the city, certain movie scenes and also instructions from any building.

After the child finishes playing this thematic type of Lego, then he will imagine according to what he made, so that the growth and development of the brain will produce new imaginative stories.

3. Lego Cars

This type of lego is indeed very famous in Indonesia marketBesides being affordable, lego cars are also easy to find. So you won’t have a hard time finding it either at the nearest online store or offline store.

Therefore, this type of lego is very often encountered in both traditional markets and modern markets that market it.

Lego Car Prices December 2021

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Even though it is relatively cheap, because of the interest of buyers or consumers regarding this type of lego car game, many traders cheat to increase the price, but you don’t have to worry anymore.

Because we have summarized the prices that can be your benchmark for shopping later. If you’re curious, let’s look at the following reviews.

1. LEGO 40409 Hot Rod Blue Fury Model Include 2 Minifigure Toy Cars

It has a minimalist shape and bright colors, making this type much in demand and sought after by children, you can buy it with a price range of 250 thousand rupiah.

2. LEGO City 60305 Car Transporter

You could say that this type of lego is the most expensive type, how can you not get it at a price of around 385 thousand rupiah, but it is comparable to the shape and quality of the materials used.

3. Lego Creator 31100 Sports Car

Priced at around 135 thousand, you can buy it at the nearest online store or e-commerce. There are even some shops that offer discounts, so what are you waiting for buy it now.

4. Lego 42103 Technic Car Dragster

The price of this lego dragster is moderate, because you can buy it in the range of 199 thousand, even though there are still many discounts that you can get for buying this type of lego, you know.

Those are some prices that you can make reference if you want to buy the latest type of lego car. Make sure to choose according to the needs of your child!


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